Let me make this clear. hacked Flipse.com. does not have pictures of this event, but is willing to speak in the third person and provide you the following picture of hacking a blue, rubber kickball.


And recognize 's hacking skills. can take over Flipse.com whenever he wants, and that's what wanted to do this morning, right after 's Lucky Charms.

*likes* Lucky Charms.

does this because is sick of that damn Flipse.com green. believes a dark background with white text is far more pleasing to 's eyes.

The general consensus around here is that basically doesn't get enough credit for things like preventing any more trouble during and after the Surfboard Incident. means, really, that stupid link at the top of the main page? That shit doesn't even blink any more.

also believes that pictures of should be featured more often.

That's the sort of thing is talkin' about.

has, up to this point, also tactfully refrained from mentioning how many times has put Dylan in a headlock. On that subject, it is laughably easy for to do things like turn Dylan upsides down to shake spare change out of his pocket. Heck, if was going to be really mean, could bring up the time trapped Dylan under a desk and made him eat year-old Easter Candy. could so do that again.

But wouldn't.

Or would ?