I may have, nah, I certainly did miss a few along the way. That's expected and healthy.

12/30/2000-Playin a little Tetrinet over here. JBME is tomorrow (That list of names isn't particularly updated, I suck, I know.) Charlie, Paul, and Tom are here, Tom got a bit of a flesh wound during the last round of Tnet. Happens.

12/24/2000-Merry Christmas Eve, folks. I've decided that for Christmas this year, it's time Flipse.com goes online. I've been hearing a lot about this internet thing and I'm sure it will be a new and exciting experience for all of us. (Update-Uh, yah, someone explained it to me. Nevermind.)
12/19/2000-I'm done with school for...a month or so. It's quite excellent. My PoliSci final went ok, almost certainly well enough to get me an A an earn a 4.0 for my first semester in college. =) There's a guy in my quad named Darshan who has just finished his last semester at Case. That feels like it's a long, long way off. I talked to him a bit about building computers tonight, gave him a Win2K CD. Good luck to him, as he's out of here tomorrow sometime and my flipse.com updates will be coming from Case for another three and a half years.
12/17/2000-First three finals weren't too bad. I have one more, on Tuesday. A day to sit around and pack, and I'll be back in PA by Wednesday night. This place is emptying out with a serious quickness. More people should email me about JBME.
12/13/2000-flipse.com updates have been lax the last few days, my fault. The last two days were reading days, my Calc 2 final is today, Econ and Chem tomorrow, PoliSci next Tuesday. So I've at least been trying to study most of this time. Um, get cracking on that email to dylan@flipse.com with JBME in the subject and any JBME that pertains to you in the body. Thanks.
12/7/2000-Golly! Real updates, with some substance, today. First, the creation of the JBME page. There's a party going down, people...don't miss it. Also, a good number of new pics on the QuickPic Page. They're cool. Some are from today. (The disco ones.) Anyway, other than that, if you haven't caught this dead deer story yet, it's worth your time. It's very worth noting that some pictures linked to on that site were taken by none other than Pat Seymour. That's an authentic Mansfield gifted camper, for those of you not in the know. Anyway, that's pretty cool, and very gross. If you have a weaker stomach, check out our Dead Deer story, which can be found in the Archives.
12/5/2000-The concept of "the hardening orange" fascinates me. I was unfamiliar with it until just a few days ago, when I noticed that I had an orange sitting by my monitor that'd been there for about four days. Naturally, I exclaimed "Golly!" My previous experience with leaving oranges sitting out is that they tend to rot. However, when I picked it up, I discovered it had increased to nearly the level of drywall on the hardness scale. Again, I exclaimed "Golly!" Never before had I experienced such a thing. My roommate Duff, naturally wondering what all the "Golly!s" were about, inquired. I explained the situation to him and he said it was quite normal. He also told me that once an orange starts drying out/hardening, it pretty much won't rot. So I hung onto it for a few days. Then I dropped it, and the damn thing actually cracked. About two days later, I noticed mold growing around the crack, so I threw it out, but still, this hardening orange stuff is very strange. Oh, I ran stats for #gifted and #tmbg today.
12/3/2000-Getting into December already. That is...crazy talk. Reading hours start in 11 days (And finals in 13 days), also crazy. The fact that I won an Italian salad dressing chugging contest by a wide, wide margin on Friday night, still crazy. The fact that I played Mario 3 all the way through (No warp whistles!) and without saving in the middle of any stages (Though I saved in between stages) last night, that was just cool.
11/30/2000-I'm pleased to announce some pretty damn cool Flipse.com content. I can't say it's everything I wanted to do with this project, but at least it's some kind of product...I present to you, For a BBQ. This is a that consists of video we took on our way to California, plus my commentary along the way. This doesn't include any stuff from actually being in California or anything from the trip home. It's 24 and a half minutes long, but the file is about 411MB. I'm sorry, I just suck at that video compression stuff. You'll need divx. Also, there isn't enough room actually on FDC to upload the file, so it's being served from my FTP server here at school. If I'm not at school, you most likely won't be able to download it. Those of you not on broadband, you'll be able to get it CD or LAN style. Hope it's at least slightly enjoyable.
11/27/2000-A cleanup and get-the-hell-out-the-door effort unrivaled in the annals of LAN history concluded easily the most sucessful LAN party I've been involved in putting together. I'm back at Case now, recovering from ThanksLANing v.2. The network was smooth, there were no power issues, lots of people showed up, we had lots of pizza and soda, the gaming was sweet...lots of fun for all.
11/23/2000-We're down to counting the hours till ThanksLANing v.2 gets underway. In fact, I'm making this update from the very site of the impending LAN, the subterranean level of The Flipse Compound. Preparations are in the advanced stages of getting underway. Had a good Thanksgiving today, as I hope you all did. Sure, Sam didn't eat dinner with my family this year, but my grandparents did come over and my dad and sister cooked an excellent meal. I also wound up having some pizza tonight with two people I went to school with, so that was a good time as well.
11/19/2000-A bunch of us from Hitchcock were sitting in Leutner today after eating dinner, pretty much just wasting time. I'm not gonna say exactly what we were doing, but I will relate a quote from Lars - "These orange peels taste much better than the napkins." College rules! (Five days till ThanksLANing v.2.)
11/18/2000-Well, I've been updating the ThanksLANing v.2 page as info comes in, so check up on that if you're interested. We have more networking gear now, handling just about anyone that shows up should be no problem. Let's see...oh yah, we've also been listed on LanParty.com so there's even a chance we'll be LANning with some new people. Not really expecting that, but it'd be cool if it happened. I did nothing at all last night other than go to this swing dancing lesson. Well, that and Hamoun and I kinda snuck into this one campus building at 2AM to get our Chem tests from Thursday. That actually kinda made my night, as I aced the damn thing. Um, I'm about to leave to shoot in an archery tournament, of all things.
11/13/2000-I wasn't sure what date it was when I started taking notes in Calc this morning, so I wrote "11/12 - ish" at the top of my paper. I enjoyed much of the rest of that class in a 15 second sleep/awake cycle. Anyway, I haven't been mentioning it but there have been updates and whatnot to the ThanksLANing v.2 Page. As long as most of the people on there actually show up, we should have a kickass time. I see that Florida is still working on that presidential election thing. Really, it's best to take your time. Seriously, don't mind us, we can wait. *stupid carnival worker state*
11/12/2000-Hm, not much going on right now. I spent a few hours today at some IM trivia competition. Duran Duran is the answer for each and every question you don't know the answer to, just remember that. My fraternity's date party was last night. I took a girl from my floor, Neha, who may have been mentioned on here once or twice before. We all went out to eat and then there was a party back at the house. I left there pretty late but still stopped on at another party, because they had this sweet maze set up and I wanted to crawl through it. Now I'm convinced that I need to turn my dorm into a maze. We'll see. Sat around my room Friday night and did the Dark Side of the Rainbow. It was so nice after classes on Friday, last week was a long one. And now the weekend is over once again.
11/8/2000-Election update.
[02:32] [drave] Greater of the two evils now is president.
[02:33] [Knile] that's quite quotable

11/6/2000-Just for the record, I consider all conversations to be competitive events. That being said, anyone who was around last night when I said "Chocolate pudding!" and is reading this right now is probably laughing. I also played Capture the Flag last night. Managed to hurt myself, naturally, but it was still cool. Uh, some minor additions/changes to the ThanksLANing v.2 page, mostly that we will almost certainly LAN till Sunday morning, and updates to the list of people and list of hardware. On another note, if you happen to be new to flipse.com, there's some of the above links that are more interesting than others. I recommend the Archives, the Pic Page, and FlipSEE Cam for sure. Flipse Dot Com Productions is always good for a laugh, the Quick Pic Page is also fun and the Updates contain most of the stuff that has previously appeared in this space. Finally, I think we've got a date for JBME, that is looking to go down on the night of December 30th. (And the week or so surrounding that date, if last year was any indication.) More info on that as I make it up.
11/5/2000-I put up a ThanksLANing v.2 page finally. Good info on there, the party is lookin to be fun.
10/31/2000-(Spooky Update) Had an awesome weekend. My pledge trip was to the Beta Theta Pi chapter at the University of Toronto. I had a fun ride up there, and then lots of fun at the big Halloween party the Betas up there were throwing. We decided to leave town entirely at about 3:30AM, so we piled into the cars and headed back south. We stopped at much-needed Perkins about an hour later, almost lost Chetan, and drove the rest of the way back. I drove from 6:30AM till we got back about four hours later. Gotta love the crazy roadtrip. Slept all of Saturday, hung out in the dorm with the guys on Saturday night, then saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Good times, seeing that live. Anyway, I rocked the PoliSci midterm I got back today, and since that's a nice 30% of my grade, I was pretty happy. New stats today, for #gifted and #tmbg. mIRCstats tells me that both logs span 703 days. That's wild stuff. If anyone happens to be reading this who didn't understand the last three or so sentences, I have log files from two channels (chat rooms) on IRC for nearly the last two years, and those two "stats" pages come from a program that looks at them, determines who talked the most, picks out some random quotes, and does other fun stuff. Finally, Sam got some sweet linkage from HardOCP last week for his excellent, excellent work on modding his mouse. Basically, it's supa-sweet lookin, check it out. Boo!
10/26/2000-Quick update, working backwards. I had a pledge meeting that went quite well earlier tonight. I've been living at the Beta house all this week, which has been extremely cool because I haven't really had anything to do in terms of schoolwork. I showed up back at Case on Tuesday. On Monday, I paid Williamsport Area High School a visit. I stopped by to see many of my teachers. It was surprisingly cool. My American Cultures 2 teacher Mr. Burget actually told me that a girl in his class had found flipse.com while searching for something or other in the computer lab. One can only wonder what she was searching for and how that search went so horribly, horribly wrong. =) Anyway, I of course hung out with Mr. Murafka and the current yearbook staffers, and of course I harassed Mr. Yenner a bit, to the point of walking in to his room while his Physics 2 students were busy taking a test. (Emma Somers and Caitlin Winner made me do it.) I even answered a question in Mr. Welsh's Calculus 2 class before the smarty-ass 9th graders. Anyway, like I said, it was cool. Murakfa still owes me a story, though. On Sunday, I hung out with Sam, Rich, Brit, Liz, and Tom at a lil BBQ at Sam's house. Sam brought me down to Williamsport on Friday night and hung out till sometime on Saturday. We hacked CueCats and fixed Rachel's computer. This upcoming weekend, I'll be on my pledge trip but I may be back as soon as Saturday night.
10/20/2000-I'm outta here for a while! I'm heading to Corning tonight with my friend Rich, he'll drop me off at Sam's. Sam is bringing me to Williamsport tonight sometime. Doing stuff there tomorrow, BBQ back at Sam's on Sunday. Big plans include going to school on Monday and coming back out to college with my dad on Tuesday. And then once I'm here, I'll be staying in the fraternity house next week and next weekend is our pledge trip to...somewhere. So until right about Halloween, I'm not sure how much I'll be updating/around the dorm/online. But I'll be back. Oh, and how could I forget? Four years ago to this day I got myself connected to the Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.Org IRC server and found my friend Neil from gifted camp. And since then, things have been cool. *grin* If you want to, you can read my Thoughts on #gifted on its Third Birthday that I wrote last year at this time. Anyway, four years is pretty crazy. If anyone out there happens to be drinking anything at all tonight, raise a cup to four years of good times.
10/19/2000-Nasty lil day for Dylan Flipse is about half over. I took a PoliSci midterm and a Chem exam this morning. Only small amounts of brain-fry were involved. I have an English paper to finish up for my 2:45 class. I have two classes tomorrow but this paper about finishes me up before fall break. A video called Julie And Neha Wake might just show up on here sometime, we'll see about that, though. We do have confirmation of the flipse.com virus infecting the BIOS of an unknown flipse.com visitor. Good luck getting rid of that, it's as infectious as the Dylan Flipse Theme Song, from what I hear. That was created, of course, by my friend Charles. His band, Used For Comparison, has a new single out called Pet Rock that you should really, really go listen to. Charlie Miller, for those of you that know him, does a sweet job on the trumpet. Oh, and looking around just now I realized that I never linked to this gift from Jesse Brown. Apparently it's tradition among some sites to make gift artwork for a webmaster when they reach a biiig roooound number on their hit counter.
10/16/2000-Sometimes you get weird email, and sometimes you get random email. I've vaguely known of the existance of the Flipside.com for a while now. The URL is similar to mine and some of my friends have mentioned playing games on there. But anyway, a few days back, I got this email from someone named Philipas that read as follows "I'm register with prize central and never had problems to log in but now with flipside i keep getting a wrong passwod. I tray to rregister and thesay i have alredy register this is info Lagordi11u-name ,email ******@bellsouth, f 51.remider name Ancon C.Z., Panama REP.Pma iwill like to keep my old password. Thank you Lagordi11" (Had to omit the email address, no sense in having you fools harass him.) But, like, this was addressed to dylan@flipse.com, which is...me. Not some sort of customer help service of Flipside.com. Anyway, I was confused. This weekend went well. It included taking even more video of the people in my dorm. Booty Wakes seemed to be a big hit. Perhaps more clips will show up here, perhaps not. Actually, I really need to find some time to work on the West Coast Roadtrip video. And, well, maybe some time to study or something.
10/12/2000-It's still the 12th in the Central Time Zone. I have to start this update with a warning. There are some unconfirmed reports of a flipse.com virus affecting the BIOS of people who've visited this page. Be on the lookout, and I'll post some pictures if we ever confirm these reports. That being said, earlier today, my friend Joe Boutros, lovingly referred to as Booty, asked me to wake him up after a short nap. So I did. I may have kinda sorta placed a video camera in his room because I may have kinda sorta done it in an amusing manner. I have for you an 8MB version of Booty Wakes, encoded with the DivX codec. If you don't want that download, and especially if you have RealPlayer installed, you can check out the 1.3MB RealMedia version of Booty Wakes. You'll want to turn the volume up cause there's some quiet stuff a few seconds in.
10/10/2000-Just to catch everyone up on a few of the things going on with Dylan Flipse. I bug the nice people at Wade Commons every day after the mail gets here to see if my yearbook came in yet. I think it should be here tomorrow. I've already seen (like, when I made or helped make it) everything in there but I'm dying just to see/touch/have the finished product. My most fun class is probably Archery, Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:30 to 5:30. I'm actually pretty good, especially near the beginning of the class, but the little stresses on the bow arm tend to add up after you shoot for a while and my last shots are often pretty bad. But at least I'm not one of the people who consistently breaks arrows by missing the target. I'll have a much better idea of how my Macro Economics class is going after tomorrow, when I should get my first exam back. PolySci is decent, my only grade so far is a B+ on the paper I got back today. That midterm next Thursday should be real interesting. English is easy and usually fun, my second paper (About three pages, has to begin with "Nearly everyone in the room was drunk") is due next Thursday. Speaking of next Thursday (The 19th) that's also the date of my second Chem exam, lots of fun atomic theory stuff. Next Tuesday is my second Calc 2 exam. The class was a total breeze up till right about the last week, when we hit some stuff that I didn't learn real well in high school. But it's not too tough. Finally, my time as a Beta Theta Pi pledge is going quite well. I'm remembering to wear my pin all the time, and I haven't screwed anything major up just yet. The non-fraternity social stuff is decent. I highly enjoy my dorm, especially most of the people on my floor. As far as not-just-friends social stuff goes, that remains largely up in the air. It's the same old blah-blah story. I have a good number of female friends, and at least one that terribly interests me, but I'm not even a little bit sure what she wants, and sometimes not even sure what I'd really want out of something like that right now. I eat a lot of Ramen, but don't really mind the food in the dining halls. I wish more hot, snack type stuff was available as cheaply as Ramen, but that's probably a pipe dream. Funny thing, I actually wish I played more video games.
10/8/2000-The weekends suck, because when you sleep in to just after 1PM or so, and don't get up and about real quickly, you're not ready to go eat before 2PM. And the dining halls close from 2 to 4. So, Ramen for breakfast for me today.
10/3/2000-Warning, soapboxing ahead. On tap for today is the presidential (and other) elections. If you've ever seen the episode of the Simpsons where the Democratic and Republican candidates were revealed to be evil aliens from space, you know what I'm talking about. When some guy in the crowd spoke out and said he was going to pass over the aliens and vote for a third party candidate. They just laughed and said "Go ahead, throw your vote away." If you feel that way, fine. Vote for Bush and vote for a hypocrite (How many people are in jail in Texas for victemless drug crimes that he himself won't deny having done in his 20s?) who's there because of who is daddy is and vote for lots and lots of "conservative" things that I personally hate, or vote for Gore. I don't totally dislike Gore, I think that deep down he really cares about some important things like environmental issues, but honestly, both parties are falling over each other trying to claim the middle ground. And a vote for President Gore is a vote for VP Lieberman, who has a track record on trying to enforce "moral values" (His, certainly not mine, and possibly not yours) on social issues during his years in congress.
I don't see why right now I personally have to vote for a candidate I don't believe in. At least, not when there are candidates that better represent what I feel strongly about. I've long said that I'm a Libertarian, and believe in many of the issues Harry Browne and the rest of the Libertarians are pushing. But I think government should do more than the hardcore Libertarians will tell you. I don't think that a government run on the Libertarian ideals could work. Ralph Nader's biggest flaw is that he won't win. Talk to someone campaigning for him or go read the issues on the website. He's done some amazing things for the consumers in America. The ideas he proposes, for the most part, just seem...fair. Maybe it's a sad state of affairs when that's a refreshing change, but it really is.
9/30/2000-Little update on how things are going here. The actual school end of school is going very well. Of my five classes, I have grades so far in four of them and I'm getting all As. Did especially well on a chem exam I thought I'd screwed up. The social stuff is cool. My pledge class had its pledge initiation and first meeting last week, so you'll find that I'm never without my pin or my little black book. On a totally different topic, I'm finally sending in my voter registration. It's just a pain when you're living outside your state, can't just go down and register.
9/26/2000-It's pretty solidly fall. Leaves are everywhere, it's pretty cold outside, and the thought and fancies of young men turn to one thing. That's right, it's ThanksLANing time. Specifically ThanksLANing v.2. (Educational, wholesome, and exciting page coming soon!) Really though, I'll have more details when I make them up, but I know for sure that it's going to be November 24-25, that's the Friday and Saturday following Thanksgiving. There's gonna be *insert everything you could want in a LAN party* there, and lots of it. In other news, I'm kind of sick right now but classes are going well. I'm working on that 4.0, and not the one I get when my roommate dies.
9/21/2000-Word on the street is that freud is a funny way of spelling flipse.com, and that Hamoun thinks I have a "very intertaining webpage." Good times here at Case, I have three more classes till the weekend. As for actual content updates, I have new stats for #gifted and #tmbg.
9/15/2000-On Wednesday night, I did something that left me so exhausted afterwards that I sat down and couldn't move myself. I then threw up from exhaustion in the bathroom and sat down in the shower for a very long time, not having enough energy to go get a towel first, though my room is a few feet from the door to the bathroom. I limped back to my room, having hurt my right knee, and watched my arms shake. I've since been fairly unable to do most things with my left hand and got x-rays today to make sure the wrist wasn't broken. Given the chance, I'd be all over doing it again. There's an event in my dorm, 12:15 on Wednesday nights, called Wednesday Night Takedown. You sign up and wrestle with someone else, in the common area on the second floor. There's a big crowd, and this guy videotapes them. In my match, I almost pinned the kid right away, but in taking him down that first time, twisted the right knee I mentioned earlier. The first round was even enough, but I was dead exhausted in the second round and after pretty much dominating me, Justin pinned me right at the end of that round. It was four minutes of wrestling. Felt like I was going to die afterwards. Anyway, I'm glad I did it. In other news, I'm a proud pledge of the Lambda Kappa Beta chapter of Beta Theta Pi. Should be good times all around.
9/11/2000-We lost our first co-rec IM football game tonight, on the strength of not making either of our 2 point conversions while the other team made both. It was extremely fun, except for the part where one guy from the other team was a real bitch. My roommate Andrew and a girl across the hall, Julie, had both of our scores, each on returned interceptions. But it was good fun. One other cool thing about college, besides IM football, is these hot water taps we have in the kitchens on the ground floor of our buildings. Instant 190 degree water makes for a cup of ramen in less than 20 seconds flat.
9/8/2000-Somewhat of a bland night tonight, but it's cool with me. I'm listening to the Padres-Giants in Real Audio and sitting around my room. I was up late last night doing nothing productive, so the day really rather dragged by. I managed to run mIRCStats tonight, so check out new stats for #gifted and #tmbg. Perhaps I'll work on the roadtrip movie some more. I've run into some serious problems with both my software expiring and some voice synching issues.
9/5/2000-Went to my PoliSci class this morning and found out why we have been unable to find our book in the bookstore and shall continue to be unable to find our book till at least the end of the week. It seems that the publisher put production of the book on hold while they increased production of the newest Harry Potter book. This is an excellent time for you webcam watchers out there. The FlipSEE Cam is there as always, serving up quality entertainment mostly consisting of me either not here or staring at the screen. Things have gotten a little more lively, however, with an open door to my room and a roommate, there are often others in the picture. Anyway, there are a good number of other webcams running right now in the "flipse.com community." I'll just list them off, for lack of any better ideas - SeeSamHack Cam, Tibbseeee Cam, Charlie Cam, haqcam!, Jedi Cam. One more thing for right now. A girl on my floor has noticed that very frequently when I mention a person, tell a story, or talk about some aspect of my life, I end the thought with "You can also see a picture/read about this on flipse.com." So she wrote flipse.com on the whiteboard on my door. Joe (aka Booty) from 403 walked by and said "Flipse.com. Interesting." and went into his room. I saw him later in the evening and he said "Man, I just spent a freakin hour at your site. What's up with all the stuff you've got on there?" I was pleased.
9/2/2000-I seem to have survived my first week of classes. My professors all seem reasonably cool. (Now that I switched out of my History 112 class.) I have four very young professors. Anyway, the flipse.com promotional crew has been hard at work finding just the right spokesperson for the newest flipse.com advertisment. We had to pull a few strings, maybe use The Force a little, but I think we're all very pleased with the results. That being said, I present to you our first celebrity advertisment.
8/28/2000-So, the new and improved FlipSEE Cam is back. My server box really, really doesn't like having the cam plugged into it, so it's on my workstation box. Second day of classes went well. I dropped my history and added an econ class. Should be good.
8/26/2000-I thought I might make an update to that "I'm at college" thing. I'm at college and having fun. Orientation is more or less over but still no classes till Monday. But today is more or less the official start of fraternity rush. It might not be exactly the same everywhere else, but here rush is two weeks where fraternities have all sorts of fun events and free food for pretty much anyone, in an effort to get to know guys they might want to extend bids to. I'm about to head out to Beta Theta Pi for Pool Tournament and Movie Night, but that's really one of the more normal events. Rush events range from Calvinball to Cosmic Bowling to Indians Games to flag football to skydiving. My room is still a bit of a mess, I'm working on getting the FlipSEE cam back up so you crazy kids can check it/us out.
8/21/2000-I'm at college. This is pretty cool. No classes or anything yet, just orienation and lots of hanging out. Roommate is working out very well. Hitchcock 405 is doin ok, mini-fridge and all. The net connection here, as I may have mentioned, is amazing. The local network, also amazing. Meeting a lot of friendly, fun people. Having fun.
8/18/2000-I had fun at the beach. Spent most of the time readng. Finished The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson and nearly read all of Cryptonomicon by the same. (This is saying something. It's a large-ass book.) In between, I read Dreamworld by Jane Goldman. All three of these books were quite good, and damned if Dreamworld isn't one of the cooler places for TMBG to show up in a book. They're even credited for the lyrics. Very, very cool. Anyway, no updates for a few days. I'm leaving for college tomorrow morning and it'll be a few days till the net connection is up and kicking ass. More on this as news develops.
8/13/2000-So it seems to be Sunday. I'm going to Rehobeth Beach with the family today. I'll be coming home (I believe) on Thursday, so I can get ready for school. Hung out at Chris's in Corning and Jesse's in Mansfield yesterday. Went bowling in Corning. Had fun.
8/9/2000-First off, I ran new stats for #gifted and #tmbg. I haven't been logging since I moved over to my new hardware, just a screwup on my part. My apologies also to my friend Bob, the #tmbg stats just keep giving him the shaft, no matter how I tweak the nick connection file. This especially sucks because he just a few days ago gave me some linkage from his site, Drunken Losers. Speaking of linkage, the link on [H]ardOCP to my page of our Hardware Baseball escapades drew over 2600 hits. That's just cool. (Congrads to Kyle Furthermore, if the Real Media files aren't quality enough for you, and you're up to some downloading, I suggest grabbing the nice AVIs I originally made. I'm a bit short on space for Flipse.com, but Dave graciously put them up.
8/6/2000-Updates today first include some housecleaning. The last nine items on the Archives Page are things that have been on the site for a varying amount of time, but are just now making it to the Archives. Beyond that, some real exciting news. Dylan Flipse finally responded to our questions, and we've got both the questions and answers on the Ask Dylan Flipse page.
8/2/2000-Cool day today. First, the Hardware Baseball page that I put up just last night made its way onto [H]ardOCP and has been getting lots and lots of hits from that. This makes me happy. Anyway, I mowed the lawn when it was 90 and humid out, that was a bad move. I went to the mall, scored my copy of Motocross Madness 2. Came home, and Emma Somers picked me up. She's a friend of mine from town, she got her license just last week, and she'll be leaving town for a bit tomorrow. When she gets back, I'll be on my way to the beach and then to school. So we decided to go to Wellsboro to see Scary Movie and that she would drive. Worked out pretty well. Ended up seeing it also with Liz Townsend and hung out with Liz and Laine Stager. Finally, a little favor to ask anyone reading this. A friend of mine from Spanish 1 this past school year, Trent Gibbon, is in a fierce battle with some other younger types in my former high school in this poll. I, of course, find it very amusing, but I told Trent I'd try to get him a few votes. So go stuff the ballot.
8/1/2000-August already...that's pretty wild. I leave for Case on the 19th. Yikes. Anyway, little LAN at my house this past weekend. That was not overly remarkable, except that we found out how much fun Motocross Madness 2 can be. The exceptional thing was the game of Hardware Baseball from Friday night. I used some of my new hardware, as depicted on the Stuff page, to take those video captures and stills. I notice there's a good bit of work to be done around here...really, I hope to get around to that in short order.
7/27/2000-Sitting around, should be cleaning, there's a LaN at my house tomorrow. That will be all.
7/23/2000-I've been busy being very, very lazy since I got home. Tom had a BBQ at his house on Thursday to make up for the one that never happened in California. That was tasty. Spent yesterday hanging out with Sam in Corning. We put two 120mm fans and a handle onto one of my computer cases, looks pretty good too. Anyway, I ran stats for #gifted and #tmbg, so enjoy those.
7/17/2000-It has been freakin forever since an update. But I have my reasons. I managed to travel across the country for a meeting of internet types and not have a net connection for it. Sam was going to provide updates from the road, but he wasn't home the first few times we called him and then we just gave up. Anyway, I've prepared a writeup about the West Cost Roadtrip. While you're enjoying that, Luke Krauss wrote an essay on Life that you might find interesting if you know Luke and/or know about the "family" he mentions. I thought it was cool, anyway. One more update on my life, two days from now marks 1 month till I head off to college.
7/4/2000-So this is Independence Day. I celebrated mostly by bumming around with Tom. We're getting ready for the roadtrip, Jesse will be arriving here tomorrow and we'll be getting Rich on the way. Hopefully, we'll be calling Sam at times so he can put some updates from the road here on Flipse.com. Hmmm, catching up, I was in Corning last night, Williamsport the night before, Mansfield LANning at Matt Yeomans's house the two nights before that. I'll be riding the silver wings of the Space Van to the west coast in 36 hours, wish us all an awful lot of luck.
6/29/2000-Go west young men...one week till the roadtrip.
6/27/2000-I went to AAA and scored an armload of maps. "I'm going from here to California. I'll need some maps." As I mentioned, I registered mIRCStats the other night. Spent a good chunk of time yesterday messing with the manual nick connection file that I can now make use of. So anyway, I've got new #gifted stats, old #gifted stats(Provided to show what difference the registered version can make), new #tmbg stats, and old #tmbg stats. Anyway, t-minus 9 days till the roadtrip. Newest development is that Jesse Brown will be coming along with Tom Smith, Rich Hosler, and I.
6/25/2000-So, cool thing of the day today was actually registering mIRCStats. That will let me manually connect and unconnect various nicks, basically making the stats that much cooler. I did inventory of my CDs the other day, and so that page has now been updated, to include a list of discs I'm missing. Blasted attrition. The last few #gifted and gifted camp types in the class of 2000 graduated over the weekend, including all those folks in NY state. Twas a long strange trip indeed.
6/20/2000-Working backwards, I got a haircut and basically finished up the yearbook today. Worked on yearbook yesterday. Sunday involved waking up after Pie Fest, watching Fight Club, and coming home. Saturday, I went to Pie Fest, and had a Pie-tastic time playing volleyball in the mud and eating pie. Friday night, went to the Mansfield HS graduation. Jesse and I sat in the balcony, reading Time and Wired. Also, it featured a few prayers. Call them Invocationa, call them Convocations, call them what you will, it was still a prayer in school. This is wrong. The Supreme Court ruled against student-led prayer over the loudspeakers at football games. I think that prayers in a graduation ceremony are even more blatent violations of First Amendment rights. This school had a preacher on hand just to deliver these prayers. Attendance is mandatory for an entire graduating class, this wasn't one of those optional Benediction services. (Speaking of those, another load of bullshit I heard came from Wellsboro, whose Benediction was optional, but they made it so people who wanted to walk and sit next to their friends had to go.) I don't have a problem with religion or religious people. Most of my best friends believe in God. I have a problem with individuals who talk to me and try to convert or preach to me, but they aren't violating my First Amendment rights, they're exercising their First Amendment right to freedom of speech, just like I am when I tell them to talk to someone who cares. But the government, in this case a public school run on tax dollars, is mandating that its students listen to Christian prayers. That's wrong. There ought to be some outrage.
6/15/2000-I took Rose to BWI so she could fly home last night. Word is in from New Mexico that she made it, with just a few delays. She was here from May 19th to June 14th, and during that time I put 3979 miles on the Space Van. For those of you begging for new mIRCStats...bugger off. No, actually, I ran new stats for #gifted and #tmbg. For people mistakenly connected, I'm probably gonna buy the stupid stats program so I can take care of that problem once and for all.
6/12/2000-To elaborate (As demanded by Neil) - I graduated from Williamsport Area High School on the night of June 8th with a major subject average around 97%. This placed me about 6th in my class. My most immediate future educational plans are to major in Computer Science at Case Western Reserve University starting with an Orientation on August 19th, intending to go into medicine. This past weekend, I saw Mansfield folks such as Paul, Mike and John perform at Mansfield High School, LANned all night at Sam's house, played frisbee outside Crystal City Bakery at 5:30AM, fell asleep waiting for a waitress at Crystal City, hung out at Liz's pond, almost tipped over a rowboat, and generally got the trip meter on the van up to 3500 miles since May 19th. My uncle took pics from graduation with his digital camera and sent em to me. I'll get them shrunk down to a reasonable size and get em posted. As far as my plans for a West Coast Roadtrip go, I'm looking to leave my house the morning of the 6th, hit the west coast in northern Cali by late on the 8th, get to my friend's house on the morning of the 9th, hang out there till morning of the 12th, spend that night in Roswell at Rose's house, get to Indiana (To stay at Rich's) by the night of the 14th, and I'm home by the night of the 15th. Probably dead too, by that point.
6/8/2000-I freakin graduated.
6/5/2000-My congratulations to all flipse.com readers in the Class of 2000. Rose, myself, Luke and Daniel Hollister, and Scott attended Jesse Brown's graduation from Putney on Saturday. Unique to say the least. Speaking of Jesse, a while back he emailed me the good word that it's tradition on anime sites to create artwork for a site when you see that their counter has passed some milestone. Jesse being the photoshop wiz (whiz?) that he is, he sent me some superfly "Flipse.com 10000 Hit Artwork." As for upcoming plans-

5/31/2000-To run down my weekend, starting with Friday. Rose and I drove to Corning, dropped her off, went to Mansfield and spent the night with Tom. Saturday, Tom and I went to Corning to get Rose, to Towanda to see Luke, and to Harrisburg where we stayed at Rose's sister's boyfriend's parents' house. Sunday, Tom and I drove back up to Mansfield for a par-tay. Monday, Tom was in a parade in the morning, we then drove back down to Harrisburg to get Rose, and then we all drove back to Williamsport. Tuesday, the three of us went to the Knoebels Grove Amusement park, and were fairly amused. Especially by the fact that my Physics class happened to be taking a field trip there at the same time. We drove to Mansfield, dropped Tom off, and Rose and I came back to Williamsport. Took Rose to Mansfield today and drove myself home. Add that to the miles I piled on by going to Baltimore to get Rose, and I've added 1800 miles to the Space Van since May 19th. Roadtripping rules :) Future plans include picking Rose up in Mansfield tomorrow, driving with Rose to Connecticut on Friday to see Jen's play, then to Vermont on Saturday to see Jesse's graduation.
5/24/2000-Pretty much Rose's fault there haven't been any updates in nearly a week. Notes on last week- The Physics AP test was hard, the banquet and my speech went well, any prom decorations that had spilled out onto the road were fixed, the prom looked pretty decent, I got Rose from Baltimore, we did Relay For Life, went to the prom, saw The Gladiator (Way cool battle scenes), and I've been going to school this week. I've got new stats for #gifted and #tmbg.
5/18/2000-This week is building up to one of the busiest ever. Physics AP test on Wednesday and publications banquet on Thursday, which required writing a speech to name the new editors (Congradulations Val and Julie! Not that you'll read this...). For several hours before and after the banquet, I was helping with prom decorations. This included grabbing some of them off of Fox Hollow Road in a downpour with fierce wind gusts after they blew out of the back of someone's truck. Probably won't go to any classes tomorrow, more prom decoration stuff instead. Also, we're sending about a third of the yearbook sometime in the next few days, probably just a shade under 80 pages. That's been tons of work all week, and shall continue. Tomorrow (Friday) at 8:30PM, I'm getting Rose at the airport in Baltimore, and driving the four hours back to Williamsport. We'll head over to the Relay For Life and probably sleep through the whole thing. Saturday is nothing big, just the prom.
5/13/2000-Long overdue, Flipse.com now has a mirror of DeCSS, along with some of my ramblings. This is one thing that I think is really important. Also, I've got new stats for #gifted and #tmbg.
5/10/2000-I was havin some fun today with the Flipse.com access logs. I found out that a lot of people are finding FDC through the search engines. I got quite a few hits from Altavista and Yahoo especially. But some of these are really, really funny and/or cool. Altavista search for Toyota Previas turned up my Stuff Page, few people searched for the Promise ATA-66 and also got the Stuff Page, someone found my Concerts by searching for Theater Of Living Arts and someone else got it looking for the Bryce Jordan Center, a strange person found FDCP searching for "groovy funny" and someone got the Updates looking for "Monty Python Cheese Log." Strange, perhaps, was the biggest draw of them all - The Online Adventures Of Huck Finn, a crappy five-minute page I put up as an easy way out of an assignment for Mr. Bassett's english class. Then, there were a good group of people disappointed in their search for porn, including searches for - shirtless hawaii, high school football pictures shirtless, scandanavia porn, party pic drunk bra, ankle socks nude, kevin bacon wild things jpg, Melissa Huggins nude, and nude and exercise sandals. In case you're wondering, I'm not directly told what someone searched for to find my page, but I am told the full URL of the page that had a link that was clicked on to get here. For example, I see http://hotbot.lycos.com/?MT=camp+towanda&SWR=Natalie%2BPortman&DC=100&DE=2&TR=2604 in the log, and I can either just read figure out the search from that, or go to the URL and read it off the page.
5/8/2000-Those interested in CincoLAN De Mayo, I just had Luke, Tom, and Sam over with their computers, and Nowell Strite and JP Morgan over to use my spare. We LANned, JP and Nowell left, Luke went to sleep, we built a bubble tent, LANned inside that, went to bed. Check the Concerts Page and you may find that I've written my mini-review of They Might Be Giants at Binghamton, with my review of Moxy Früvous at Fredonia to appear someday. Also coming soon- my business plan. Potential investors, check back soon.
5/5/2000-Can't HTML, CincoLAN De Mayo going on.
5/1/2000-Both concerts this past weekend were great. I'll get that page updated sometime. Summary as follows - Left school early on Friday, picked up Tom in Mansfield, Bill and Sam at Bill's house in Corning, drove to Fredonia (way in the western part of NY state), saw Moxy Früvous, took pictures, made a MiniDisc recording (Probably to appear around here in MP3-style sometime), drove back to Sam's house, played UT, and slept. On Saturday, Bill had to work, but we picked up Liz and Liz, Sam, Tom, and I drove to Binghamton. As we were leaving Sam's driveway, I had Tom steer the van while I backed it up and stuff. We were amused, but Liz claimed it was no big deal. With that as motivation, I worked the pedals and Tom steered (From the passenger seat) for over an hour on the way to Binghamton. Aside from a really terrible opening act called Evolution (This is no kiddin-around terrible, this is the real deal.), the TMBG show was great. Also made a MiniDisc recording of this one (Probably to appear around here in MP3-style sometime) and nabbed a setlist, which I need to scan. Back to Sam's house, slept, Tom, Sam, and I went to the mall on Sunday, met Luke, Luke's Sam, Bill, and Chris. (Luke informs me that his tattoo is a "hitchhiking red M&M bum." My apologies for the mistake.) I dropped Tom off in Mansfield, and then the cool part of my weekend started. I tailed a black Porsche the whole way home. Right where 15 South opens back up into four lanes after being two lanes south of Blossburg (where the construction is), the speed limit rather quickly jumps from 35 to 65...the Porsche kicked it up to well over 90. Space Van didn't exactly keep up with that, but he ended up slowing down to just over 70 for the rest of the way to Williamsport. That was a shame, but the car was still pretty to watch.
4/27/2000-First a lil bit of coolness. Luke Krauss joined the Air Force, and while all the other guys were getting "Mom" or really badass sets of skulls and crossbones tattoed onto their bodies, he elected to get a very cool hitchhiking M&M. Also, I've got plans for two shows this weekend, and the Concerts Page has been updated accordingly.
4/26/2000-I do lots of things for no good reason. A while back, I scanned some of my baby albums and now I've put them online. No fancy page or anything, just two directories full of entire scanned pages, along with some chosen pics scanned by themselves. Have fun with those.
4/24/2000-I'm home! It sucks. I had a ton of fun with Rose in Roswell. The alien museum there is a can't-miss. Aliens rule. I ran stats for #gifted and #tmbg. I'm supposed to get #gifted log for the time I was gone from Sam, to make mine more complete, but don't have it yet. That's it for now.
4/16/2000-Time for a long-overdue off-site Flipse.com update. I'm coming to you (Live?) from Roswell, NM. It's Sunday morning now, on Thursday after Model UN, I drove to Autumn's house in Baltimore, hung out with Jeff and Aut, Aut took me to BWI Airport on Friday morning, grabbed a Cinnabon, I flew TWA, got my connection in St. Louis, and pretty much here I am. Been hanging out with Rose and her Roswellian friends, pretty much. Having tons of fun. While in Baltimore, we did stop by this sly CD store, I picked up two used CDs that you can feel free to check out.
4/6/2000-Got a fair bit done today. Scanned pictures of our great Power Converter Cooling fiasco (?) of a few months ago. I also scanned pictures of the Woodcase, especially construction ones, and put them on the page. I did a minor update on the Concerts Page, if you're interested in such things. News on my physics tshirt situation. On Friday, I wore a shirt that read "If the pressure outside our physics class is greater than the pressure inside our physics class, then our physics class must suck. Ask the wearer of this shirt what's really wrong with the Physics Honors Class." Monday, I had a quote- "Great spirits have always been violently opposed by mediocre minds."-Albert Einstein. And finally, on Tuesday, I wrote - "No more shirts. Fun while it lasted, though. Final score- Yenner- 0, Everyone who got a laugh- 1." My dad, sister, and I are driving out to Case Western Reserve University tomorrow, going to stay overnight and I'll be back Saturday night. Case came up with really, really great scholarship money, which put it above Johns Hopkins and Washington University, I like it more than Penn State (Too close to home), and I didn't get into Duke. Finally, if you get a chance, check out the East High play, which is running from now till Sunday.
4/5/2000-I'd like to start this update by giving a shout out to my homie Nate from the WAHS yearbook staff. Keep it real, man, because it's in constant danger of being made fake. Ran mIRCstats (For #gifted and #tmbg, naturally), and for the first time in a long time, someone has proven to be a bigger loser than me (at least in one channel). I think we all saw that coming...congradulations go out to Rich (I think). In related news, I personally cracked the hundred thousand line mark. My five page paper on the Reign of Terror was about 7000 characters...taking the average length of a line on #gifted of about 22 characters and multiplying it by 100,000 lines, I figure that my contribution to #gifted works out to something like 1570 pages of double-spaced Time 12. *smackdown on War and Peace*
4/2/2000-The usual bit of April Fool's Day shenanigans around here yesterday. Tom is very funny. (I hate that kid.)
3/30/2000-As those who know me no doubt know, I'm always up for a little grassroots political action. And in this case, we're talking seriously low-level grassroots. Might be aware, I've been unhappy with my Physics class all year long. It's an Honors class, supposed to prepare us for the Physics AP test, supposed to have two lab periods a week. Didn't get the two lab periods, through henious actions of administration and the teacher, ended up with 7AM physics labs twice every three weeks. These labs are a further problem, because they're supposed to give us enough class time to prepare for the AP test...but instead we do "activities" on material we covered months before. That's just my first gripe with the teacher. Near the end of the first marking period, he gave an assignment to "Copy these example problems out of the book." I, being an intelligent human being with a bit of dignity and fight in him, photocopied the pages and handed them in. I got a 0/8 on the assignment and my grade dropped one point on the marking period. (This is, of course, the one event in a string of busy work we've done all year that stands out the most.) There were issues all year where he had multiple choice test questions where the accepted answers were simply wrong. (We went so far as to ask other teachers, they sided with us, it never matters.) Last week, though, was the last week of the marking period. There's a school rule in place, each subject can only test on "even" or "odd" days. Well, Mr. Yenner gave us a test on two consecutive days, the second of which was in violation of the school policy. I brought this up to him, he threatened me with a zero on the test. It happened that the first half of the test included essay questions. The problem here was, it was possible to answer the question correctly and completely in the terms it was asked, and still have points taken off because you didn't have what *his* answer was. Well, over the course of the week, I went back in during lunch to talk to him about testing on the wrong day, and he threw me out of his room, I talked to him about this stuff for 50 minutes on Friday morning, again on Friday during class, and finally again after school on Friday. It was then that Mr. Yenner managed to end all the conversation by telling me that I needed anger management therapy. Clearly, this was not a man that can I could discuss things with.

This floated around in my head all weekend, and so on Sunday night I got out the blank tshirts and iron-on transfers, showed up to school on Monday with a shirt that read, "I NEED ANGER MANAGEMENT COUNSELING." Tuesday's selection was "Sometimes, there's more than one way to answer an essay question. (Even in Physics)" On Wednesday, I scanned some of those example problems out of the book, and put them on the shirt with the text, "'Copy these out of the book'-Physics Honors Assignment." On Thursday, my shirt looked like a quiz question, "Which of these was the biggest waste of my time?" with the choices "Sleeping, Watching TV, Walking from C-Lot, Getting hassled for passes, 7:00AM Physics labs with Mr. Yenner." The last one was, of course, circled and marked "Correct."

I really like what I'm doing. Students like what I'm doing. Even some other teachers have been very, very amused by my shirts. One substitute told me that he thought it was great to see a student standing up to a teacher in a way other than in a shouting match. Mr. Yenner has spoken two words to me all week, he said "Thank you" when I pointed out a mistake with what he was saying during class yesterday. However, I've heard it through the "grapevine" that he's been doing such things during lunch with faculty members as calling me, "An obnoxious child with no respect for his elders." I'd say I'm winning that battle.
3/27/2000-What with the LAN all weekend (Plus Liz and Brit's play), and the end of the marking period in school (Plus lazyness) I haven't had any updates in a while. That being said, I had some great news today. I was accepted to Johns Hopkins University (That makes 4/4 on schools I've heard from, so far. Waiting on Duke.) and also was awarded $2000 from the National Merit Scholarship folks. That being said, I'd like to announce the debut of my band, "This Class Sucks." Our first track is a solo a cappella demo that I recorded here at my house. It's a cover of Charles Boehmig's Dylan_Flipse_Theme_Song, aptly titled This_Class_Sucks_-_Dylan_Flipse_Theme.mp3. I highly recommend *not* downloading my version.
3/21/2000-Ran new stats for #gifted and #tmbg. Interesting weekend, started off on Saturday with a really fun roadtrip that was rather marred by my school's boys' basketball team losing in the PA eastern semi-finals. But, we hit Hershey's Chocolate World and the spitballs can still be found throughout the van, so you know it was a good time. Ended up way outside of Mansfield on Sunday night, playing a game of domnios with some hippies. "Penny on the nine." "That's a nickel." "No wonder I've been doing badly." I did my best piñata impression, $2.62, if you know what I mean, eh, eh. Monday, no school, but I went in to work on yearbook, there were mad ambulances, police helicopters, a fake takeover of the school, the SWAT team, faked shootings of teachers, fake evacuation of the school, all sorts of stuff.
3/16/2000-All of the most recent hardware hacking and otherwise coolness was added to the Stuff Page. I ran new stats for #gifted and #tmbg. Finally, if you're really just that interested, you can find the English 12 Honors with Mr. McDonald Page Projects of Nowell Strite, Sarah Petcavage, and myself, Dylan Flipse.
3/13/2000-Seemed to be high time for some quick updates, at least, though they will be limited by me not feeling so hot. First off, most importantly, I got the word that I was accepted into Case Western Reserve University today. (The most "Wired" school in the country.) Odds are good for me going there, but we'll wait to hear from Duke, Johns Hopkins, and Washington University. Had a small unintentional LAN party at my place this weekend, best not to ask about that one. Did some cool hardware hacking, though.
3/8/2000-There's been the usual clamor for FDC updates. Didn't answer the Ask Dylan Flipse stuff just yet, that'll be happening. Did make one addition to the QuickPic Page (bill3d). I had a cool weekend. Went to Altoona with Tom, Bill, and Sam for a LAN party with Jack and his crew. Decent LAN, in a basement, spent the whole time next to a kid trying to install Linux, we made fun of that. Went out to Eat N Park at 3AM and saw a cool fight involving flying glasses of water and stolen phones. Fragged the fraggles as always, around 5:30AM, Tom, Sam, and I were the only ones still awake, playing an hour-long Capture The Flag game against the computer. Fierce as all get-out. On Sunday, hurried home for my Church League (no, seriously) Volleyball game. Tom was an excellent ringer for my team. We beat this team of guys that included the baseball coach from my school, they got very mad, and we had fun.
3/4/2000-Today, after school, I eventually got home, waited for Emma and Katie Somers, Erin Lindsay, Erin Bellfy, and Kenny McDermott to get to my house. Drove them all (In the Space Van, naturally) to Kings College in Wilkes-Barre, where my school's basketball team beat some losers from Wyoming Valley West for the district championship. Good game, though. Afterwards, we wanted to get some food, and some of the random yelling I heard from the back was very against a fast food place. Not knowing Wilkes-Barre, but knowing that any place along the way home would be packed, our plan for finding somewhere to eat was...get lost, drive around. So we did. And we found a Ruby Tuesday's. The food was good, the service sucked. Managed to get out of Wilkes-Barre. Hit a slight snag when we ran into backed up traffic due to an accident ahead on the road. But that situation was made more amusing by watching a guy pee for a really long time by the side of the road. Drove home, kinda drove through downtown but pretty much missed the whole Mardi Gras thing. I managed to get to Costal Mart with barely any fumes left and make it home at 1:30AM or so. Good night.
3/1/2000-All the most recent flipse.com updates have been in the form of work on Ask Dylan Flipse. (The questions have been sent off to Dylan, we're waiting on his responses.) In the meantime, here's new #gifted and #tmbg stats.
Ask Dylan Flipse, Webmaster of flipse.com
Dylan Posted by Flipper1 on Tuesday February 22, @09:45PM
from the who'd-he-steal-this-from? dept.
A lot of people have been writing in and requesting a chance to ask the man behind flipse.com some questions, so we lined up the interview. Ask him anything, but make it good.I'm interested in seeing what kind of response we get for this. Dylan has already stated that Natalie Portman is "totally hot" and that alone should cut out a lot of potential questions. *grin* Write in with your questions, and we'll pick the best ones and have Dylan answer them sometime. Update-We're done accepting questions, thanks to everyone who sent something interesting in. We'll send those off to Dylan and have the responses for you whenever he sends them to us.

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2/20/2000-Let's see, rundown of the events of the last few days. Friday, had more winter weather, resulting in another #gifted Snow Day. Second one this week. Very cool. But, I had this LAN to get to. I ended up braving the snow early on Friday, made to Mansfield, picked up Tom, and we made it to Corning. Traveled early on in the snow to avoid traveling later in the ice. Tom, Sam, I, and about 40 other people LANed all weekend, till early this morning. I Took Tom home, crashed at his place for a few hours, and came home myself. I did run some new #gifted and #tmbg stats today, have fun with em.
2/14/2000-I'm calling today the Third Annual #gifted Snow Day. As far as I can tell, it's the first time this school year that Williamsport, Towanda, Mansfield, and the various NY state school districts that reign over most #gifted people have all closed. On another note, most of you probably know that Charles Schulz died on Saturday night. A long time ago, I was reading rather old books of Peanuts comics at my grandparents' house. I assumed that more than one person had drawn them, the strip had been around so long. While I live in a world where my graphics card that was the absolute best thing out there last summer will be left in left in the dust by the time this summer ends. Charlie Brown and Snoopy lived in a world that hadn't changed in not only my lifetime, but hasn't changed in my dad's lifetime. There's something to be said for that. Knowing Charlie Brown (And I'm sure many people, myself included, feel they do), I bet today the little red haired girl would've finally sent him a Valentine.
2/13/2000-Wow, almost a week between updates. Either I'm getting old, or time is speeding up without me, or the universe is collapsing and...or I'm just lazy. Anyway, had a bit of a day yesterday. Picked up Tom in Mansfield, went to Sam's house, played UT against bots on the maps we'll be playing at this LAN next weekend. Liz Learn finally showed up, but couldn't stop saying, "Ow, I'm cold." So we went to Anniello's for some pizza, then out to the mall. We lost Sam and Liz, found Sam and Liz...left the mall. Due to circumstances, on the way back to Corning, in the 55MPH zone, we were going as low as 35 and then soon as high as 80. Damn circumstances. Basically, our plan was to go to Wegmans, rent Ghostbusters, watch it at Sam's house. But Sam said "Hey, isn't there a dance going on at East?" I plotted a new course, and we arrived at Corning East HS. I was wearing jeans and a tshirt, plus a stupid fleece vest. Tom and Sam looked slightly more dressy, neither was wearing jeans, Tom had a sweater on, and Sam had a button down shirt. Liz was wearing jeans and a long sleeved shirt. So naturally, we walked right into the semi-formal. We had a group picture taken, which I hope to have a copy of soon. Walked out onto the dance floor, found Jen, Neil, Pat, Pat, TJ, Chris, Matty V, Bill, Kevin, Dan, Dan, etc...most of East High. Most were amused by our presence. We left, went home, I showed up here around 2:30. This morning, dad asked me when I got home, I told him, he wasn't bothered at all. Being 18 is cool.
2/7/2000-Hey folks, the concert and trip were both great, I'll get the Concerts Page properly updated sometime soon. Ran new stats for #gifted and #tmbg today, you kids have fun with those. Finally, cool news of the day. My friend Charles, the same guy who wrote the Dylan Flipse Theme Song, actually played it on his radio show today! Apparently, if you were anywhere in Atlanta at the right time, listening to 91.1...you woulda heard it. Rock on!
2/3/2000-Tomorrow morning, I'm blowing this popsicle stand, going to Boston for a little TMBG! Can't wait. Anyway, I made the proper updates to the Concerts Page.
1/31/2000-Not actually a #gifted snowday, but the PA/NY area has a bit of snow, and Williamsport and Towanda, at least, have two hour delays. I figured it'd be a good time for new #gifted and #tmbg stats.
1/26/2000-Minor updates on this page, such as the update on my age and other small things. (Thanks Tom) My Stuff Page also has the brand-newest information on my computers that you could possibly have. I finally got around to adding Ultimate 2 to the Pic Page. Finally, minor "housekeeping" over at the Archives.
1/23/2000-New stats have been requested, and here they are, for #gifted and #tmbg. Enjoy them. Missing the last two days of school because of wisdom teeth removal last week was pretty sweet. I'd take that deal any week it was offered. Sat around all weekend, installed and really am enjoying BeOS. Tom and Sam showed up today, we played with computers and for once everything works now that we're done with it.
1/20/2000-I am fairly sure that that is the correct date. One of you, please correct me if I'm wrong. I had three wisdom teeth extracted this morning. By my count, I've been on nitrous oxide, valium, some barbituate, another drug, tylenol with codeine, and advil so far today, and it's just barely after dinner. Not that I ate anything. I was supposed to stop eating at 2AM last night, so I put down the doritos around 1:30AM and all I've had since I got home is a glass of milk and some chocolate pudding. I have been pretty much out of it all day. Did manage some updating, namely to the Concerts Page, where both Live in Williamsport and They Might Be Giants in Boston have been added.
1/15/2000-Dylan Flipse, reporting live from a LAN at Tom's house. My birthday went well on the 13th, went to Corning last night, Sam and I showed up in Mansfield sometime after 2AM this morning, and now we've got a pretty nice LAN going till tomorrow. Anyone that feels like it can go ahead and hit Matt Smith in the head with a CD at any time. While I had a second, I made a few additions to the Links and moved JB2K from the main page to the Archives.
1/12/2000-Ran new stats for #gifted and #tmbg today. My birthday is tomorrow, the big eighteen, I'm pretty pumped about it. Gonna register for Selective Service, to vote, and buy porn sometime soon. Prolly skip the cigarettes and credit cards for now, but it's nice to know I have the option. There's snow or ice in the forecast for tomorrow morning, a #gifted snowday would be a great present.
1/8/2000-Just one thing today, I spent much of the day working on ultimate2.jpg, so do check it out.
1/7/2000-Nothing new but the much-requested new stats for #gifted and #tmbg.
1/5/2000-Late Happy New Year to everyone, and my apologies for the delay in flipse.com updates. Went through a good deal of hassle with InterNIC getting FDC moved over to the new hosting, and that pretty much sapped my "work on the page" energy. Also, I've been busy. I wrote a good bit about it on the JB2K Page. Highly advised that you check it out, and also checking out Charlie's Pictures of Really Wild People and Things, with lots of great JB2K pics.
12/27/1999-Welcome to flipse.com at its new location. You are now getting the page from Advanced Internet Technologies. Hosting on Sitehosting.net wasn't terrible, but it was often slow, and I'll have more features (available space, email addresses, etc) with my new host. Due to differences in the servers, some links may not be working. Basically, the new host is on unix computers, and they're case sensitive in regards to filenames, while the old one was NT and didn't care about case in filenames. If you find any links that're wrong, email dylan@flipse.com with their location, and you'll win a few weeks inside the prized blink tag at the top of flipse.com. Anyway, I've updated both my Stuff and CD pages to reflect recent additions. The JB2K Page also has some minor changes.
12/27/1999-Helllo. The site will be changing over to a new host sometime today or tomorrow. Should be faster, and I'll have more space and email addresses. Till the changeover happens with Internic, you early adapters out there can check out flipse.com at its new location.
12/25/1999-Merry Christmas, everyone. My dad has work today, so I'll be spending the morning at my mom's house, and I'm actually eating dinner at my yearbook advisor's parents' house, which should be a lot of fun. As far as "stuff" from my dad goes, I got that on Christmas Eve, and yes...it included a year of hosting for Flipse.com, so you can rest assured that the familiar ol FDC green will be your companion till the actual end of this millennium, at least. I also got BeOS, which the guys at FDCP are happy about, as that OS is a wizard with multimedia, and they should be able to create some more movie fun sometime.
12/22/1999-Not everyone has their own theme song, but I do. I present to you, The Dylan Flipse (And Flipse.com) Theme Song, by Charles Boehmig aka Flans. I understand that there is at least one remix in the works... I've also got new stats for #gifted and #tmbg. Also, I finally updated the JB2K Page with a somewhat complete list of names.
12/17/1999-It's actually a good chunk of the way into Saturday, but this is still Friday's update. Just now getting in from all the activities surrounding the WAHS Semi-formal. My date was Katie Somers, we went out to eat at DiSalvo's, attended the dance, went to Lauren Hofstrom's house where I lost in several games of Twister, but really showed some sophomore guys a thing or two about Excitebike. Then it was back to the Somers household to attend the party already in progress there, which included a dip in the very hot tub in a borrowed suit, some card games, and then Monty Python's The Search For The Holy Grail. Check out a quickly-taken picture of me just before I left on the QuickPic Page.
12/14/1999-Pic Page updates are the first order of business. They're up. I think that makes a total of about 409 pics on there. Rachel says hi. Also, new #gifted and #tmbg stats up today, despite the author of the program changing it to a shareware license and disabling the old, supposedly freeware version.
12/9/1999-I'd just like to point out that I'm far cuter than Liz Learn, and should therefore be crowned as winner of the Mr./Miss JB2K Pagent. Speaking of JB2K, get your emails into dylan@flipse.com now! (Include JB2K in the subject, just to help me out.) Also, note the *new* Y2K compliance.
12/5/99-Didn't go to Albany to see Moxy Früvous last night. I was pretty darn home alone, it's only five hours away, the tickets were only $10, it was bloody tempting. Instead, had a little LAN here with Tom, Sam, Jered, and Nowell Strite. Sam left early, Nowell got here after that, Nowell and Jered both left before too late Saturday, I took Tom home today. I spent...a lot of this weekend building a wooden case for my Celeron (aka webcam box, internet server, and multiplayer gaming machine, mostly). I took several photos of the work in progress, and three Quickcam Pics that are up on the QuickPic page. Finally, the ThanksLANing page was moved off of the main page and into the Archives.
12/1/99-The Y2K is fast approaching and Flipse.com, with its two digit years, is in big trouble. Major renovations are needed, so send money now! On another note, if you haven't checked out the FlipSEE cam recently, you may not know what you're missing. I moved it to my Celeron, and so it should now be up nearly 24/7. Since it's running off a different monitor than I'm looking at, (In fact, that one is quite often not even on) I pretty much won't know when it's taking a picture, so get ready to catch me...doing whatever I do. I managed to find some time today and put several of my old scans on the Picture Page. Check those out and look for some new scans sometime soon.
11/28/99-I went to bed at 10PM last night, woke up at 2PM today. ThanksLANing can do that to ya. =) My computer was built exactly one year ago tomorrow, and as such, I've got one year long logs (and therefore stats) for #gifted and #tmbg. Now that ThanksLANing is over, I can start planning JB2K. Get your reservations into dylan@flipse.com now!
11/23/99-Amazingly enough, I survived the weekend. Lots of info on this can be found on the Moxy Früvous in Boston page. (Don't forget to check out Sarah Slean's Site, if just to see the love of my life.) Also, I've got new stats for #gifted and #tmbg.
11/20/99-It's Saturday morning. I'm about to get in the Space Van and head to Mansfield for the Mansfield HS semi-formal. I'll spend the night at Tom's house. Tomorrow morning, we'll get Sam and then drive to Putney, VT to get Jesse and three of his friends. The group will go to Boston and meet up with Kevin and Melissa, and we'll all see a Moxy Früvous concert. We'll take the Putney kids home and drive to Northampton, MA to crash for the night at Bob's house. Monday, we'll leave Bob's, stop by Cornell University for my campus visit, I'll return Sam to Corning and Tom to Mansfield and come home. Have fun "sitting around on Saturday, going to church on Sunday, and school on Monday."
11/18/99-This week has mostly been taken up with ThanksLANing planning. (That page is quite often updated, whenever I get new hardware or attendance info.) But of slightly more importance- I got my first college acceptance letter today. It's from Penn State, which is the only school I've got an application into so far. It's quite a load off, knowing that at least I'm going somewhere I'll be happy.
11/13/99-Today started pretty early for a Saturday, as Sam and I woke up around 8:00 to find out what time the computer auction at the firehall was starting. By the time it actually did start...silly people who bid too much on stuff notwithstanding, we made some pretty good scores. 24X CD-ROM for $14, nice keyboard for $9, P120 chip and board for $17, 486 laptop for $25 (either to give to Luke so he can keep in touch or to resell on eBay). Strange thing happened last night. Sam and I decided to snag some food around 10:30, so we cruised down to McDonalds. There I saw...the Pizza Happy Meal! So I got one. Official Flipse Dot Com Review - The toy rocked, it was a small Lego kit. The pizza tasted good, but was far too small for such an obese person as myself. Tomorrow morning, my dad and I are off to a college visit at Duke University. We'll be back Monday night.
11/11/99-As JB2K looms on the horizon, plans continue for ThanksLANing. Latest greatest idea - call the newspaper, get them to cover it. Aside from that, I've got new #gifted and #tmbg stats.
11/9/99-Wild weekend. I met a buncha great guys at that LAN party that almost happened right under my nose. Since then, all I've been doing is planning my own LAN, ThanksLANing. We plan to put it on LANparty.com, and Jack has been working on another page for the party.
11/5/99-Strangest thing happened as I was planning on staying home tonight. I found out that there is a LAN party being thrown in Williamsport this very weekend! So I am off to attend the PA LAN Massacre. First, however, I've got minor updates to my Stuff and CD pages. Also, a few new things on the ThanksLANing page. Finally, I've got new #gifted and #tmbg stats.
11/2/99-It seems very odd that this year has advanced as far as November this quickly. I don't know why. Today, I finally made a bit of a ThanksLANing Page. Expect a lot more info, including directions and starting times, will be appearing there shortly. I also created NavBar buttons for ThanksLANing and JB2K. They are, of course, visable above. I added Long Tall Weekend and #gifted to the Archives. Finally, there's info on the Moxy Früvous concert in Boston on the 21st on the Concerts Page.
10/31/99-For as cool a holiday as Halloween might be, I've been fairly neutral on it in past years. The Arnot Mall was an unfun place to be last night, due to the large crowds of small children in cheap plastic costumes. I then went to a party at Alexis Darling's house in Corning, of all the odds things. Lacking a better costume, I put on my goalie gear. Shortly after, I realized that walking around a crowed house in bulky gear was silly. Plans for ThanksLANing were discussed this weekend, again, I *promise* to have a page up sometime soon for that. Aside from that...all I've done today is run new #gifted and #tmbg stats.
10/28/99-Only 64 days in the year, so it's a mere 63 days till January Bash 2000. I finally got up a bit of information on it, as I've long been promising. Other updates? There ARE no other updates! Hahaha... Oh yah, check out Carpe Diem (Tom's Page), if you haven't already. Once more, we got a Letter From Luke, and if you wanna get back to him, email me your letter so I can print and send them as a batch.
10/25/99-Cool thing that happened to me today was getting a letter from Luke. It was pretty much addressed to all you guys, so I figured it'd be best to put it on FDC. Basically you need to send me an email, that I can print out and send to him. I meant to do some college apps or something today, but Brad and Ted came over and played Command & Conquer : Tiberian Sun, and just nothing at all was accomplished.
10/24/99-It's near midnight Sunday night. First period on Monday, I've got a research paper due. Writing on that hasn't exactly started just yet. But I figured now would be a good time for a quick FDC update. Great plans are afoot for ThanksLANing, JB2K, and potentially a Moxy Früvous concert just before Thanksgiving. I've got new #gifted and #tmbg stats for all those interested. I didn't update sooner because, as is so often the case, Tom was distracting me much of the weekend. But I hung out with Pat Lally, Pat Seymour, Neil Bardhan, Jayson Green, Sam Corbett, Liz Learn, Luke Hollister, and Jesse Brown in addition to Tom Smith this weekend, so all was quite good.
10/20/99-Three years ago today, Neil and I first spoke to each other on IRC. I thought a fitting way of celebrating would be to write up my thoughts on this event and the events that surrounded it, and so I wrote Thoughts on #gifted on its Third Birthday. It was actually a very interesting thing for me to create, as it made me reflect on the past three years. Anyway, check that out. Also, I'd promised a writeup of this weekend from Tom, Sam, and I, and I am not going to deliver on that. Sam did a writeup and sent it to us so we could add stuff and we both thought that Sam had it all covered. So, without further delay, here's Sam's Long Tall Weekend, (His version of the events of 10/16/99-10/17/99.)
10/18/99-Sometimes, you have a weekend that you'll be talking about for a long time. You can expect a full writeup of the start of the trip, TMBG show, and the aftermath from Sam, Tom, and Dylan sometime soon. It was just...wild. But anyway, I do have some new #gifted and #tmbg stats for you all to enjoy while we work on that weekend writeup.
10/13/99-I'm back and nearly recovered from my most excellent adventure in St. Louis. My dad and I left Williamsport at about 7:30 Sunday morning, I drove all the way to St. Louis (about 14 hours). I stayed with Molly West (She's the best!) and visited Washington University on Monday. It was a very, very good visit. My dad and I left on Monday night, we drove a few hours and tried to get a hotel room in Terre Haute, Indiana. We soon found that this was impossible because of the Covered Bridge Festival. We drove another 45 mins and found a room, albeit one with a jacked up rate because of the Covered Bridge Festival. In a related note, I'm planning on avoiding Indiana at all costs, so look for me either in Canada or Mexico next time I plan on heading west. Anyway, we finished the drive home on Tuesday. I stayed up till 2:00AM watching Moxy Früvous on Conan, which was well worth it. I did go to school today, Wednesday, but we have inservices on Thursday and Friday...so I had a one day week flanked by two four day weekends. Final piece of good news is...barring some terrible luck, I'll be on my brand spankin new cable modem by noon on Thursday! (More on this as the story develops.)
10/9/99-I got in an update today, after all, though I'm up a lot later than I should be for someone planning on waking up and driving 15 hours. Anyway, I've got new #gifted and #tmbg stats from tonight. Also, update on the Concert Page to reflect next weekend's plans.
10/8/99-I don't know if I'll get an update in tomorrow, so I'll get get it out now- Four day weekend for me! Early Sunday morning, my dad and I leave for St. Louis. We'll drive all day, I'm visiting Washington University on Monday, and then we'll drive back on Tuesday. (Also, I have school Wednesday and then Thursday and Friday are inservice days. Heh.)
10/4/99-As I get to the close of a very long tall weekend, I realize that it's high time for an FDC update. New #gifted and #tmbg are the first orders of business. Aside from that, I found out that if you drive to the Lycoming Mall, Mansfield, Wellsboro, Williamsport, Mansfield, the Arnot Mall, Mansfield, way out in the country in Mansfield, Williamsport, State College, and finally Williamsport in a three day weekend, it's easy to drive 510 miles. The State College bit of my traveling was a visit to the Honors College at Penn State, which looked very interesting, but just might not be what I want to do. Time will tell! (Next up on the college visit schedule is the hella-roadtrip to St. Louis for Washington University, starting next Sunday!)
9/29/99-Pretty much just #gifted and #tmbg stats tonight. Also, reminder about the reunion at noon on Sunday, October 3rd, Center Court at the Arnot Mall.
9/26/99-Ok, reunion plans are the first order of business. We're going to *try* to get started at noon on October 3rd, Center Court in the Arnot Mall as usual. Aside from that, the Fabulous 1890s Festival took place in Mansfield this past weekend. I happened to purchase some speakers at auction on Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon involved hanging out at Tom's house, putting those speakers in the back of the van (Thanks Luke and Matt Smith!) and then heading over to 1890s in the evening. Hi to Catie, Holly, or anyone else I met at 1890s. The fireworks were pretty good for a small festival type of event, and I happened to have a really excellent view of them. Ended the night by sitting around outside Tom's house, talking with a few people, none of whom happened to include Tom.
9/22/99-About time I stopped being quite so lazy and actually did something. (First-note that Flipse Dot Com isn't Y2K compliant. When I make updates after the first of the year, you'll have no way of knowing if that update happened on Jan 1 2000 or Jan 1 1900. Scary thought, huh?) I added a few Links that came to mind, so be sure to check those out. I added two CDs that I've had a while to my CD Page. Also, a few pics went up on the QuickPic Page. Biggest of all, I finished putting the Ellen Pics on the Pic Page, so be sure to see what's going on there. Finally, as always, I've got new stats for #gifted and #tmbg.
9/19/99-My weekends just get crazier and crazier. This is the sort of thing that happens when you spend them with Tom. I had the day off school on Friday due to teacher inservice, went to Mansfield, watched a soccer game, came back here with Tom, on Saturday, we went to a computer show and then on to Towanda. Watched the all-too-exciting Penn State game, went on out to Luke's cabin, hung out there overnight with Luke and Sam, and Joe, Renata, and John for part of the night. I drove home, and here I am avoiding my homework. Speaking of homework, the one thing I really have to do is write my essay for the National Merit Scholarship application. Three Gifted Camp type people that I know of were recognized as National Merit Semi-Finalists this year- myself, Neil Bardhan, and Jesse Brown. Lastly, it's been a while, so I've got new #gifted and #tmbg stats.
9/13/99-Today is the first Sept. 13th since 1996 that I didn't hang out with my buddy Jish (of tmbg.net fame), but I had school and all that jazz. Also, fun news in the 3D gaming department, if you look at the video cards on the page with My Stuff. Finally, as always, I ran #gifted and #tmbg stats. Enjoy!
9/9/99-Today's date was more annoyance than was worth it for the fun of writing all nines across the top of my school papers. I mean, the Dreamcast, MTV Music Awards, and the stupid hype about possible "Y2K-like effects." All three annoying. Speaking of Y2K, you people know how I love to LAN party, but you should know that a LAN party doesn't go real well with a regular party. I am planning a LAN party the Fri-Sat after Thanksgiving, but Tom Smith (One-time FDC writer, part time collapsed-lung boy) suggested that we have a LAN Dec 30-31 and then we pretty much put the computers away for a super-duper party on Dec 31-Jan 1.
9/6/99-I managed to spend most of today writing a two page paper. Ok, I actually spent most of that time playing Grand Theft Auto. Anyway, I ran new stats for #gifted and #tmbg.
9/5/99-My first week of school passed uneventfully. No bomb threats. I got to sign a little piece of paper saying that I'd take a drug test if asked, as was everyone else who is in an activity, in a sport, or drives to school. The odd thing is that it didn't bug me too much. (The supreme court has already declared that students have practically no rights on school property.) Still, it's a bit unsettling that it didn't bug me more. Also, I added a few more scans to the Pic Page.
9/1/99-Welcome to September. Yesterday, I was welcomed to my senior year of high school. Yippee- it's a lot like the other years only with the pressure of college applications and stuff on top of you. I find my days go by all too fast once school starts, but I do have stats for #gifted and #tmbg. A friendly reminder from your Flipse Dot Com party planner- YOU are invited to Dylan's house overnight on December 31st of this year for JBY2K. (January Bash 2000, to the unhip.) Make plans to attend! Also, a great note as far as the webcam goes. I should be on a cable modem in something over a month. If/when I am, expect nearly round-the-clock FlipSEE cam coverage. I have pretty low bandwidth right now, and having the cam on doesn't help.
8/29/99-Ah, I miss this place. Just for the record, I was at the beach for all of the last week, stuck without net access, of course. There used to be a net cafe in Rehobeth, but it was apparently replaced by a place serving octopus stomach and stuff, but no net access. So anyway, it was still a good time. I drove home Friday night, but left for Luke's house on Saturday morning. We had a party/LAN party there, Tom and Sam and I managed to get into a pickup football game. I expect to run stats and get around to other fun webpage things soon. School starts (ack!) on Tuesday.
8/20/99-Last Flipse Dot Com update, probably for just over a week. I'm going to the beach with my dad, sister, one of her friends, and Matt. We go to Rehobeth, in Delaware every year for a week. So that's that. Anyway, I put new stats up for #gifted and #tmbg, with the new, improved color scheme. Also, if you're interested in all of Rich's pics and movies from our crazy weekend trip to Mass. (Droogfest 99), you can download this zip. (10MB)
8/18/99-Haven't updated stats for a while, so we've got new stats for #gifted and #tmbg, made with the newly released v1.13 of mIRCStats. I've been doing some scanning, yay! But I've not been doing any HTMLing/caption writing, boo! I put the scans up anyway, in this temp directory. Good variety, including a seperate directory of ones from this weekend's concert, some from waaay back in Austria, others from this weekend (Quite a sexy group of guys), and some others.
8/15/99-Freaking nutso way to spend three days. First off, if you're anyone who saw "flipse.com" on the side of a van, hi, and please email me at dylan@flipse.com. I already got a message from someone named Kim(You should've seen the celebration that errupted here when I saw the message. Pretty amusing.), but she used the form elsewhere on this site, and didn't include her email address. Kim, if you're reading this, that form doesn't give me your email address, so I can't write back. I should have some kinda rundown of all the weekend's events up, sometime, but life is still crazy with Luke, Tom, and Rich still here.
8/12/99-Crazyness at the Flipse Compound. Rich, Tom, Sam, Luke, Rachel, Dylan, Hilarie, Matt, Jesse, and Johanna are here, and I'm what's qualifying for adult supervision. Tomorrow, all but Matt, Rachel, and Hilarie get in the Space Van and drive...forever, or just to Massachusetts. Saturday, a folk festival with Moxy Früvous! Sunday, we come home.
8/10/99-Smatter of updates today. First, of the old scans I have, but don't have online, the Pic Page has been updated with amyellenodd, afterplay, afterplay2, afterplay3, alyssa, and alyssarachel. Also, new stats for #tmbg and #gifted. Also, the My Stuff page is updated, with information on computers.
8/6/99-How I spent the last four days. Tuesday, I drove to Corning, picked up Charlie, drove to Towanda, stayed most of the day and saw Rose off, drove to Mansfield, got grilled cheese and played Worms with Tom and Charlie, Charlie and I returned to Williamsport. Wednesday, Marshall arrived around 1PM, we drove to Lock Haven, knowing that Mike and TJ were at soccer camp. We found their dorm, found some people who told us where they were playing, looked at 300 kids before finding them, waited till after their scrimmage, and then hung out/ate pizza with them, and Marshall, Charlie, and I returned to Williamsport. Oddly enough, while we were hanging out that night, along with my sister, Luke shows up to spend the night. Around 1:30AM on Thursday, we realized it was Marshall's birthday, so we drove out to Wegmans, got a cake and some decorating supplies. This is the result. (Also on the Quick Pic Page, of course.) Marshall left the next day, but Rachel, Charlie, Luke and I drove to Mansfield, got Mike, Paul, and Aaron Beaver. We went bowling, and got Tom after he was done working, which made 8 in the Space Van, but Rachel was ok on the floor. Good times at the Mall Reunion, with too many people to name without forgetting some, but we saw the Blair Witch Project, and suffice to say, Tom peed his pants, even though he slept with the light on last night. Mansfield folks were returned home, and Luke and Charlie spent another night here. Luke left this morning, and I took Rachel to a friend's house in Nichols, NY, and continued on to Binghamton. Charlie and I met up with his sister, and he went on his way. I drove back, and Tom and Sam will be showing up here any time now, to work on Tom's new system, and prepare for the LAN party in Altoona tomorrow.
8/4/99-First off, goodbye Rose, we wish you well in New Mexico. Second, Charlie is visiting me, so be sure to get in touch with me if you wanna see him. We're going to be at the Arnot Mall, 6:00ish on Thursday. Finally, new #gifted and #tmbg stats, enjoy.
8/2/99-It is a truly good day in my life. It's Sunday now, but I was at Sam's house in Corning Friday night to Saturday night, working on my computer. We (He and I, and eventually Luke, which was a surprise) backed stuff up, installed a new HD, formatted C:, realized that we'd forgotten the stupid CD-ROM drivers, got the CD-ROM working, installed Windows 95B (OSR2), started setting everything up, got everything working that worked before, except the Dxr2 card, PLUS we managed to get the scanner working. The My Stuff page reflects the changes to the computer. The fact that the scanner works has me jumping for joy...at all the work I now have to do. But this just means that the Pic Page will liven up a bit.
7/29/99-Happiness today was getting to watch They Might Be Giants on network television, in ABC's new show, Brave New World. TMBG is supposed to appear in most of the episodes, if not all, 10PM on Thursdays. New #gifted and #tmbg stats, cause I'm such a nice guy. Also, I added some new Links, more to come as I think of them.
7/27/99-Just new #gifted and #tmbg stats today.
7/24/99-Cool doings today, as I finally meet Jack Foust from #gifted. He's hosting a LAN party, at which I will die constantly at Quake 2. If you're not hip to LAN parties, I urge you to check out LANparty.com, lest you be considered totally 404. Speaking of #gifted, I have new stats for both #gifted and it's ugly little step-sister, #tmbg. Besides that, you must download my new movie, called A Hero's Welcome, from the Flipse Dot Com Production Page.
7/23/99-Go figure me getting some motivation today! But it happened. The newest Flipse Dot Com Productions movie is now available! It's longer(29 sec), has more scenes (2), many more frames (109) than anything we've ever released. It's called A Hero's Welcome(1.6MB). For easier downloading, I have a zip(.7MB) of it. And, as a super-special bonus, FDCP has provided an exciting trailer(157K), so be sure to check those out! (Hold shift and click to download those avi files instead of viewing them in your browser.)
7/22/99-More of those dog days of summer. I managed to make some additions to my list of CDs. Check near the bottom somewhere or something. Also, new stats for #gifted and #tmbg, just because I care.
7/18/99-On Saturday, I attended the gifted camp play. Doc announced to the parents that it was his last week of camp. He'll continue doing the trips for some time. Not sure how I feel about this yet...Anyway, I've got the new stats for #gifted and #tmbg, of course. Also, the Concerts Page has an update, on the Moxy Früvous concert I plan on attending in Northampton, Mass. Finally, more news that's a bit down. It's not news to most people who would be reading this, but our friend Rose Linnell will be moving to Roswell, NM around the end of the month. Her going away party was this weekend, and having a good friend move away is never easy.
7/16/99-Perhaps the weirdest thing I did today was see Eyes Wide Shut. I managed to eat fast food for the first time in these four days of feeding myself. My homeroom teacher/yearbook advisor/all-around good guy Mr. Murafka asked me to drive his Pathfinder to Lewistown for him while he drove a rental car, and then ride back. "Sure," I said, and he bought lunch. As for the FlipSEE cam, some of you out there are slightly upset that it's never on, but for some reason the Flipse Dot Com webspace and the webcam program don't like each other. It works from time to time, but mostly gives me errors about overwriting the previous image. A fix is maybe on the way...
7/14/99-Second day of feeding myself, I did quite well. Bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast, and reheated chicken pizza from pizza hut and a salad for dinner. Again, many Oreos and much Diet Coke throughout. As requested, I've got your stats for #gifted and #tmbg.
7/13/99-Well, my dad left me alone in the house till Friday. You know what that means! That's right, it means I have to feed myself. It's interesting. Today, we had a Claritin, a whole lot of raspberries, a good number of Oreos, a cheese pizza Lunchables, a microwaved hamburger, and a large amount of Diet Coke.
7/10/99-Drove right around 680 miles on Thursday, yesterday, and today. The bulk of those were in driving to and from Baltimore yesterday. That includeds getting lost going through Harrisburg both on the way up and back and getting lost in Baltimore. This morning, Ryan I managed to meet up with Luke (which was planned) and Sam (which was random) in Mansfield. I was there to check out the orientation for this year's trip, it's good to see Doc and some other old friends. Doc actually had me say a few words, which was...interesting. Anyway, I've got the brand-new version of mIRCStats and new stats for #tmbg and #gifted.
7/8/99-Drove to Towanda today, picked up Ryan Searfoss, drove back to Williamsport. At about 7AM tomorrow morning, we'll be leaving for Baltimore. We plan to meet up with Neil and spend most of the day bumming around the city. Wish us luck, navigational and otherwise.
7/5/99-Hope everyone had a good July 4th, and happy I Palindrome I Day everyone. (They Might be Giants first wrote a song called I Palindrome I which contained the words "I Palindrome I, born on the 5th of July." They decided it was no good and wrote the one found on Apollo 18.) We had the second annual bonfire at Sam's on Friday night. One I get scanning again, expect to see the second set of firetube pictures on my page. Speaking of my Picture Page, I finally took the time to write captions for a few picture I've had scanned nearly since last summer. I still have more to do, so look for them in upcoming...centuries. Also, new stats for #gifted and #tmbg.
7/2/99-*Big News* today is that I brought another feature of my Old Page, that being the Memories from Mansfield camp and related activities. The whole idea of Memories started nearly three years ago, when I was sending out near-daily Fun Facts of the Day, I (Probably with some help, likely from Neil.) decided to start this email thing to keep track of our memories. People sent them to me, I compiled them and sent out mailings. That was fine for a while, and then I moved it to the web. In recent years, it's grown pretty stagnant, mostly because I've been busy with other things. But anyone can now email me at dylan@flipse.com with things you remember from camp, reunions, or even really great stuff from #gifted, if you feel the need. I've had a fun week, which included a 23 (Five Movies For Five Days For Five Dollars, 5+4+5+4+5=23) with Marshall and Jesse that included Full Metal Jacket, Swingers, Escape from New York, LA Story, and All the President's Men in under 24 hours. Of course, I have new stats for #tmbg and #gifted. Also, check for a few new Links, I add stuff there kinda randomly.
6/28/99-Everyone loves a stats update! New stats for #gifted and #tmbg. The heat in PA is killer, it just sucks the any will I have for more exciting page updates right out of me.
6/26/99-Future plans-Tomorrow (Sunday) at noon, meet at the Arnot Mall. Friday the 2nd-meet at Sam's for a bonfire (RSVP scorbett@oswego.edu). Friday the 9th-I drive to...somewhere south of here for...something like five hours to get my sister (Visting a friend), and then drive back here. The only reason this is cool is that both Ryan and Liz Oakden (And possibly you!) might be riding along with me for no good reason. No good reason is the best reason. As for past happenings, I attended Corning East's graduation last night, then two graduation parties I wasn't invited to. Played N64 at one of them. Then I drove an hour to Alfred, found Hilarie and Jesse, spent the night at Hilarie's house, hung out there most of the day, and came home. Good times were had by all.
6/24/99-Just two things today. First, new stats for #gifted and #tmbg. Love that mIRCStats program. Second, I've got a crazy weekend coming up. Tomorrow, I go to Corning for EHS graduation, then party a bit in Corning, then go to spend the night in Alfred at Hilarie Lloyd's house with Hilarie and Jesse Brown. Hang out there on Saturday, drive home Saturday night. Sunday, drive to Corning with the sister, getting some people in Mansfield along the way, for a mall reunion, starting at noon. All are welcome.
6/21/99-Well, if you're one of us dorks who is actually interested in the #gifted stats, the most recent run (hot off the presses) is quite interesting. Just to be fair, there are new #tmbg stats also. There are rumors of a mall reunion, at noon on Sunday. Consider yourself warned. Finally, the Sun-Gazette article about Danny and Johanna is now in the Archives.
6/20/99-So, I went to the 25th annual Pie Festival from yesterday till today. That was an experience. Basically, a lot of people go to this place, and they all bring pie. And everyone eats a lot of different kinds of pies. It was really a pretty groovy party. As far as work on the page goes, I created a new little page. If you want to be confused, go to my Card games page. It's got some basic rules on my favorite games, drop me a line if anything is REALLY confusing. I also, for some reason which seemed like a good one at the time...made a page of Stuff I own. Get the specs on my computer, the Space Van, and some really random things.
6/18/99-Kinda sorta finished up most of the yearbook today. Such an amazingly huge weight off my shoulders. It's a darn good thing we finished, I think my adviser (The amazing Mr. Murafka) was close to sending in a yearbook with about 75 autograph pages. All that's left is the index. In related news, I have new stats for #gifted and #tmbg. Yes...related. I'm still debating with myself on what to do with a couple of projects for this page. Still praying to the Scottish gods every day that my pal Chris will send me my computer, so I can get scanning... Finally, I'm going to Piefest tomorrow. Don't ask, cause I don't even know.
6/13/99-Smattering of updates today. A few new Links, for one. Second, new stats for #gifted and #tmbg, made on an updated version of mIRCStats. Ok, also, I'm working on two new pages, one on card games, and the other on random stuff I own. Look for one or both of them soon. Finally, Danny and Johanna Schmitt got some pretty good press (and for a cool thing) in Williamsport, so I thought I'd make it available to the world. Check out Appealing For Peace.
6/11/99-My last day of school today. It's so beautiful to say that. :) The last real day was Tuesday, when I had a chem test, a trig quiz, and an extra credit paper due. Graduation was last night. I was an usher and took pictures for yearbook. It was a happy/sad deal. It's great to see the seniors get out of here, but a bummer that they won't be around next year. The parties have been fun, but I can't even go to any tonight. I leave town at 6:30 tomorrow morning, with Mo Holland and Sarah Bellfy to go take the ACTs in Danville. All next week, I'll be doing yearbook, but we'll eventually finish that, and what a wonderful day that will be. Then, no thinking till September.
6/4/99-Had some troubling problems with the phone line today. As in, the computer line went dead. So, I've not been online much of today, to keep the main house line open. I'll be on at night, and the phone company is supposed to send someone over tomorrow. Anyway, found time to make my Movies Page, aka Flipse Dot Com Productions. So I made a Movie graphic for this page, as well as some additions and changes that you can see if you scroll down right now. I fixed some old text on the Pic Page to better explain why I'm not currently scanning.
6/3/99-I've been lazy for a few days. Had a lot going on. I've written my last English paper for the year, taken my last Anatomy test. Aced the first half of the trig final, have a paper to write for European History, a quiz in American Cultures, a bit of Chem homework, and a Chem test. It's beautiful when you know everything you still have to do for the year. National Honor Society induction was tonight. Long, long, long...but nice. I got in mostly on my academic and yearbook-related merits. (I bet they woulda made me president if I told em about my kickass web page.) The yearbook is coming along quite nicely, we will actually be further along by the time school lets out on June 11th than any of the staffs in years past. As far as updates, new stats for #gifted and #tmbg were compiled today. Gotta make that movie page I mentioned sometime.
5/30/99-It's Sunday night now, but yesterday morning, I was stuck wondering what to do with a Saturday once my plans to visit Hazleton have been put off. I drove to Corning. Didn't bother telling anyone I was coming. Showed up at Neil's, he wasn't there. But, his mom said that Neil, Pat, Pat, Dan, etc would be going to the mall to see Star Wars. So I drive to the mall, as most of the people I would drop in on unannounced were supposedly at the mall with Neil. Get there, lotsa people...no Neil, Pat, Pat, Dan, etc. Ran into Beth and a friend at the mall, hung with them till I spotted Neil. Four of us saw The Phantom Menace, my third time. Neil and I chilled at his house, then at Matt V's watching The Phantom Menace on bootlegged video.
5/29/99-Very early in the morning. Just finished my the third Flipse Dot Com Productions Movie. It's entitled Hero, contains the stars of my first two productions (Heavy Casualties and Eggs), runs just over 5 seconds, and is 717K.
5/27/99-Cool night. The Publications at my school had their award banquet. I made out like a bandit, earning a membership in the Quill and Scroll, I was named editor of the La Memoire (WAHS Yearbook) for next year. Yip!
5/26/99-Short on time, long on new stats for #tmbg and #gifted.
5/23/99-This is dated correctly, for it's just after 1:30 on the 23rd. Still, when I say "today," that means the 22nd. I came to realizations today about five specific girls. I saw four of them, and quite independent of each other, but still in rapid succession, I realized that I'll never date any of the five. Still, the life of Dylan Flipse continues.
5/20/99-Days in the life of Dylan are hectic. I got out of yearbook *early* today at 6:00. (Today being an exception, some other kids were gonna eat dinner there and everything, but still.), and now I've gotta write Major #7 for Mr. Bassett's english class tonight. So, instead of getting right down to working, I've spent an hour converting, cropping, captioning (hey, this sounds a lot like yearbook, actually) pictures for the VERY updated QuickPic Page. Look for prom stuff, Star Wars stuff, Tom and Scott stuff, Matt stuff. Probably some other random stuff. Enjoy. And keep enjoying the FlipSEE Cam.
5/19/99-I've seen The Phantom Menace twice today. People ask me if it was good, and I tell them that, if the movie were no longer than the opening sequence "Star Wars, Episode I, The Phantom Menace, etc" scrolling up the screen, with the familiar music playing, THAT would be good. It was...well, go see it. Just do it. Of course, I went to the 12:01AM showing today. Sam, Scott, and Tom came into town. Matt Dudek, Aaron Faust, and I went with them, all in my Space Van. Beforehand, we built the biggest bubble tent ever. Got back here (Faust went home, the rest of us slept in the bubble tent), Matt and I got up, went to school on three hours of sleep, generally had fun. 7PM show, just Matt and I. We dressed up. Pictures to appear eventually.
5/17/99-One day till Star Wars! Tomorrow, Sam comes down to Williamsport, possible stopping to get Scott and two others in Mansfield, comes here, works on my computer with me, starting around 5:30. Matt also comes over. Matt and I bought Lightsabers today. We're working on a pretty sweet duel with them. Right now, you can just view a pic of me showing off my Lightsaber skills at that very link. Um, that'll go on the QuickPics page when I get the time for that update. Anywho, that's it.
5/16/99-Went to the prom last night. My date was a girl from school named Erin Lindsay. My dad took some pictures in Brandon Park, I guess I'll have those back sometime this week. She looked great, perhaps I'll use the quickcam to take shots of those pics, as I still lack the scanner. Right now, all I have is quickcam pics from before the prom (in my tux) and after the prom (right when I got home, about noon). We went to dinner, went to the prom, went to Zack Ritter's house for food, she had to go home, I went to Katie Dill's house, and then a group of us went to Katie's cabin. It was a very sad thing, as I spent three hours washing the car on Saturday, and the last 10 miles to this cabin were on a dirt road. Anyway, we got there around 2AM, I sat around the fire with some people till about 4:00, and then we decided to go look for a clearing to look at stars. Problem was, after not so long, the sun started coming up, and the stars went away. Then we fell asleep. Woke up an hour later, very, very cold. Stumbled back into the cabin, slept for a while longer, drove home, got here just after noon, looking pretty crappy. Anyway, the same two pictures have been added to the QuickPic Page. Also, I found that I've got a lotta other pics to go there, so look for further updates in a few days. Of course, I've got the mandatory new stats for #gifted and #tmbg.
5/14/99-Dylan Flipse=Movie Making Machine. My new flick, entitled Eggs is now available for download. Also, I got Star Wars tickets! Wheeeeeee!
5/10/99-First off, new stats for #gifted and #tmbg. Furthermore, the reviews are in on my movie. (Meaning that I kept bugging people about it.) Remember, it's called Heavy Casualties, and the critics loved it!
5/8/99-Heh, you'll enjoy this, if you care to download it. I made a Movie with my quickcam and some really sweet plastic Army Men. Aptly titled "Heavy Casualties." Right around 1.5MB and with a running time of four seconds. Enjoy! (Hold shift and click to download.)
5/3/99-Bit of a delayed update. But, just now, I've updated the Concerts Page and run new stats for #gifted and #tmbg.
4/30/99-TMBG concert today! If you need to know more, the Concerts Page will be very helpful. I'm leaving town around 1:30 and I should return sometime afternoonish tomorrow. Um, I forgot to mention on the 28th, I did some research and found some really, really sly meta tag stuff for reloading the FlipSEE Cam picture. If the cam is on, it should be nearly impossible for it to get "stuck" on one image.
4/28/99-A school day that was more eventful, before 2PM, I cannot recall. Got up, didn't drive to school, which happens less than once a month. The van had a minor amount of service that had to be done. So, I go, I do some stuff in homeroom, take a test in Anatomy first period, get to second period. The bell rings three times. People start to laugh. Head principal Mr. Thomas comes on the PA system, announces that we're having an "Emergency Special Fire Drill," or something. We go outside. Then, we all get moved to the football stadium. We were told to take only our keys and our wallets and such from the classrooms. They tell us we're being dismissed, and that we can't drive home. People who never ride the bus have to figure out where their bus is. It was crazy. But, all our books and everything are still at school. So, I come home, sit around, and call this radio station in Rochester, make plans for Friday night. (Much more info on Friday night, as well as past concerts, can now be found on the Concerts Page, updated today.) I also added just a few links to the Links Page, just to get things started. I removed some stuff that doesn't need to be on this page any more. And, of course, I ran new stats for #gifted and #tmbg.
4/25/99-Added to the Concerts page. Short and sweet.
4/23/99-Just got back from "Rock The Commons" at my school. It was totally rockin. Something like 11 or 12 bands, only maybe three of which I couldn't really get into, and two WWF acts that were, well, amusing. Oh yah, greetings to anyone who saw "www.flipse.com" scrawled on a table in the commons, and came to check it out. Er, I haven't run new stats for a while, so I've got stats for #tmbg and #gifted.
4/21/99-Today was a good day. Mostly because my sister was bugging me by insisting on using this computer for things like AIM, after getting home at 7:00, I quickly set up the network card, and then, through a small amount of skills, and a larger amount of blind luck, I got the network up. File sharing and printer sharing both work, the network drives are all mapped. I installed SyGate 3.0, which I need a crack for. If I wasn't busy trying to play Worms2 (!!), I'd run stats. Homework should get done sometime soon also.
4/18/99-Every so often, I say that I hate computers. Quite a bit more rarely than that, I mean it. The short of it is, in trying to get Worms 2 to work over the internet, I screwed up my dial-up ability in WinNT. In trying to get that working, I screwed up all of NT, so as to leave me unable to boot into it. I'm rather stuck in Win95, which I can't get my network card setup for, so my sister is stuck offline and I can't access MP3s and other such things, like flipse.com files, which live on her computer. Also, my CD-R doesn't exist at all, and my DVD drive is just a plain ol CD-ROM, for the time being. I can probably get my QuickCam setup again, but I haven't got the energy just now. Oh, TMBG concert kicked ass, but then the weekend got interesting. I spent much of it with Tom, it had to be interesting.
4/12/99-Ok, finally got some useful, current information on the Concerts Page. (Made the NavBar button too!) Plans for seeing They Might Be Giants this Friday are coming along quite nicely. I also added five new CDs on my CD Page.
4/11/99-New stats for #tmbg and #gifted today. Also, at Tom's suggestion, I created a Concerts Page. It's still rather in beta form, but look there for news on upcoming concerts and roadtrips to said concerts.
4/7/99-Oh, happy day today. I've known about this TMBG concert in Lock Haven on the 16th, but I haven't been able to find any info on it online. (www.lhup.com is so lame I don't even wanna link to it) So today in school, everyone (Teachers, Christian rock folks, top-40 radio junkies) have been mentioning this TMBG concert in Lock Haven to me. There's been a few radio ads, and some in the newspaper. So, I got all the info I needed, once I cut it out of last night's paper. 4/16/99-TMBG at Lock Haven. Show at 8PM, doors at 7PM. Michael Shelly opens. (I've heard good things.) Tickets are $10, and probably the best place for anyone reading this to get them is from the Rockstation in Williamsport, I can pick them up for you. The Space Van is outta the shop, and looking beautiful, so I'll be taking the full six people out. Talk to me on IRC if you're interested in going.
4/4/99-Mall reunion yesterday was mucho bigger than ever I expected. I'm still not sure who all was there. Lots and lots of folks. Anyway, I ran some new stats for #tmbg and #gifted.
4/2/99-Well, well, flipse.com had some April Fools Day fun, I should say. Those crazy hackers, simply must be stopped. But besides that, there's a mall reunion on Saturday that's shaping up quite a bit bigger than expected. My official sources (Sam) tell me that at least Luke, Sam, Beth, Amy l., Dylan, Kevin, Jen, Bill, Neil, Rose, Ryan, Els, Liz, Rachel, Matt, Aaron, Jen, Seymour (prolly), Allison, Katie, Michelle, TJ, and Tom will be there. Hopefully, the Space Van will be making the flight, if not, I'll be driving the loaner Subaru once more. Once again, center court, Arnot Mall, noon. Easy, eh?
3/30/99-Finally, some news. Mall reunion, Arnot Mall, Saturday, noon. We're probably going to see "10 Things I Hate About You" and get done sometime around dinner. I've got new stats for #tmbg and #gifted.
3/28/99-Wooooo! Hooooooo! Yah! I just came back from quite the killer roadtrip. The Space Van, sadly, is in the body shop, getting fixed up from that little meeting with the guardrail in early February, so I had this Subaru Legacy on loan from the shop. But, hey, my school's basketball team was in the state finals, so I picked up Katie Somers, Kenny McDermott, Alicia Derr, and Pete Waldrab and we headed out to Hershey. Five people in that thing, the back seat gets a little crowded, but it was mucho fun. And then Williamsport Area High School creamed this team from Erie, and everyone was happy. The guys who ride the pine got in the last few minutes, and they got medals, then a trophy, then they cut down the nets, and we all went home. The parking lot was crazy, with the honking and with "We Are The Champions" from our car. Phew. Thanks (If you happen to read this) to everyone who went with me, and to all the Williamsport fans at the game.
3/23/99-I made the Links Page today, but after I got done remembering how to make the graphic for it, I was rather out of time. See, I got involved in a deal where I get to work on the fabulous Unofficial TMBG Site. Anyway, I personally find this a super-hip thing to work on, but it takes up time. I ran super-cool stats for #tmbg and #gifted. I used the Nick Connector, which I'd always heard was crappy. Tom will be happy at least.
3/18/99-It looks like I've finally caught up with the whole deal involved with starting up a website. I don't find myself pressured to get something going, or fix stuff every day. As it is, nicely updated stats are always nice, so I do have new #gifted Stats and #tmbg Stats. I'm thinking that a Links page is the next thing I should build. Oh, news is always fun. I think I'm going to be able to see again (Twice in two months! *Swoon*) on April 16th, at Lock Haven. The info is scarce still, but signups for Space Van seats has begun!
3/14/99-No updates for three days, because I haven't been home. I drove 634 miles in the 53 hours beginning at 3PM on Thursday. The concert was great, as was the rest of the driving around PA and NY. I downloaded the new mIRCStats and ran new #gifted Stats and #tmbg Stats. Enjoy em. I also fixed a typo on this page that Sam pointed out to me.
3/10/99-No update tomorrow, cause I'll be seeing They Might Be Giants and the Violent Femmes. Today's update was just to update information on the TMBG and Violent Femmes Concert Page.
3/9/99-Hadn't done anything of importance for a while, so I decided to spend some time on the page today. I took the Stories page I created a few days ago, and made it into an Archives Page, designed to handle all sorts of things that should be kept around, but not crowd this main page. I also made a page about the They Might Be Giants and the Violent Femmes concert that I'll be attending Thursday. The various NavBar and link changes on this page have alsk been made.
3/8/99-No content updates today, cause there's no content to update. (Ok, there probably is, but it's just not happenin.) Uh, more of a policy update thingie. On this page, the last few (Two, three maybe) updates will remain, so constant flipse.com checking isn't necessary. Even though you'll do it anyway. Umm, oh yah, big concert Thursday. Wheeee.
3/4/99-Ok, #gifted snow day today, as Corning, Mansfield, Towanda, Odessa-Montour, Williamsport, and pretty much everyone got out. They were calling for rain, and then an inch or two of snow. We got the rain, but the snow was a lot closer to eight or ten inches. Anyway, I had some time for flipse.com stuff I've been wanting to do. I created the Stories page, put the Dead Deer story on it, and then wrote the Psycho Trucker story and put that up too. Also, new #tmbg stats for today.
3/2/99-Still no trucker story, maybe tomorrow. =) But, I'm kinda sorta adding those handy meta tags for search engines as I go along. New #gifted stats today. So sorry, Scott, seven more lines and you woulda been one of the cool, with a quote. As it is, better luck next time. Speaking of Scott, he, Tom, Danny, Johanna, Jesse, and myself (Also, maybe Liz Oakden) are going to see TMBG and the Violent Femmes at Kutztown next weekend. It's gonna kick ass.
3/1/99-JB99 is over. I'm in the process of picking up Legos from all over my house. We had much fun. There are new pics on the Quick Pics Page from the party as well. I'm going to have a story page, similar to the Dead Deer one, about my incident with the truckers up in a day or two.
2/26/99-Well, JB99 is tomorrow. *bounce bounce bounce* I'm still not sure what happened with the East High Girls game, so I'm not sure what Liz Oakden's plans for tomorrow are. However, everyone else is pretty much squared away. Nancy and Marshall will arrive with Ryan. Laine will bring Scott, Tom, and Adam. Mrs. Bardhan and Mrs. Smith will have Neil, Kevin, and Pat Seymour. I'll be getting Brit, and maybe Liz, as well as Danny, Johanna, Emilie, and maybe Isaac. Aaron B's parents will bring Aaron, Paul, and maybe some others, just for the day. Matt, Brad, maybe Ted, Letitia, Katie, Sarah, and perhaps others will be here from in town. (Luke, if you missed other attempts at this message-I'll meet you at 3:00 at Oakden's house.)
2/24/99-Despite a slew of frustrating and potentially crippling complications, JB99 marches on. The page is updated.
2/22/99-Ok, I'm feeling all sickly, and between that and my weekly visit to Corning, I haven't touched the page in a lil while. No matter, there wasn't much to touch. I have made small JB99 Page updates. Also, new #gifted Stats, cause someone kept buggin me about em. JB99 is getting close, and looking cool.
2/18/99-Rather updated the guest list and transport information on the JB99 Page. Um, I think I'm gonna have to get pictures of my latest Lego project, but aside from that, nothing much goin on.
2/13/99-Finally did the "organization" I'd been talking about. I think the look is pretty nice. Also, stats for both and are updated, with the newest version of mIRCStats. The JB99 Page has been updated, and my "Creative Response" to Huck Finn has been put online.
2/12/99-Along with a small JB99 Page update, I put new pics of me, from today, on the QuickCam Pics Page.
2/11/99-Updated list of people on the JB99 Page. That's it.
2/4/99-Finally got my JB99 Page that I've been promising up. Also, Tom's Dead Deer story is still available, be sure to check it out. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hurl.
2/3/99-Still thinking about getting this thing organized. In a day or two, I should have a page up with all the JB99 info you could ever want. As it is, for JB99 and much other useful info, look at the Updates Page. Today, I put up pictures of my newest Lego robot on the Legos Page. Enjoy em.
2/1/99-The National Young Leaders Conference was great. Met great people, probably learned some stuff, didn't sleep. If you're one of the NYLC folks I told to check out flipse.com, hi. You, and anyone else should really check out my Get on IRC page for all the info on how to find me online, and have a rocking good time chatting. Anyway, sometime when I don't have a week's worth of crap to do, flipse.com will be a little bit organized.
1/24/99-I'm afraid that this will be my last update until Super Bowl Sunday, the 31st, and maybe a day or two afterwards. I'll be the Congressional Youth Leadership Council in Washington, D.C. It's pretty neato stuff. I'm just adding some new CDs and this message today, so have a nice week without me. One more thing, JB99 will begin Saturday, Feb 27th at about 4:00 and conclude Sunday, Feb 28th at around 2:00. Make your plans to attend now! Email me at dylan@flipse.com with "JB99" in the subject with your info. I need to know if you are allowed, if you'll need to come late or leave early, and what your transportation status is. I expect a full JB99 mailbox when I get back.
1/21/99-I added some Flipette (*grin*) pictures to the QuickCam Pics Page. Also, let it be reminded that all the previous Updates from this section of the page can be found at the (duh) Updates Page.
1/20/99-Fun day today, I met Jessica Gulash, from Hazleton. I first talked to her on #gifted about two years ago. She was in town with her school's basketball team, we got to hang out. This reminds me that I need to do some work towards a #gifted page. This further reminds me that I oughta do something as far as getting the whole thing a little better organized. Also, don't forget that you can find all the previous additions and such to this page at the Updates section. Furthermore, new Stats for #gifted are up.
1/18/99-Well, what a crazy time we had at the mall yesterday. 26 people, en masse is all good fun. Also, yesterday, I was with someone who threw a bacon cheeseburger in a deer carcass, got my picture taken with a checkout girl at Wegmans, and made John Tomlinson jump out my van without having quite stopped it first. But the dead deer was easily the coolest part. I'm doing this instead of whatever homework I need to do for tomorrow, because this is just more fun. I spent a lot of time today trying to figure out how to get my scanner going, I think I might actually have a workable solution. We will see...
1/15/99-Didn't leave town today because of snow. Tomorrow, I leave town early, hit Corning in the morning. I think I'm still going skiing with Sam, and maybe Kev. I spend the night at Liz's house. Sunday morning, I go to Mansfield to get my sister, Tom, Scott, Mike, and John. We have a killer mall reunion (Biggest ever?) from 12:30-6:00. Be at the base of the escelators by 12:30, please. Current guest list includes Dylan, Liz O, Sam, Neil, Tom, Marshall, Nancy, Luke, Luke's Girlfriend Dannielle, Meg, Rose, Ryan, Liz L, Andy, Jen, Mike, John, Brit, Scott, Bill, Rachel, Kevin, and Pat Seymour. Still possible are Emilie, Danny, Beth Worthy, and Amy Lange.
1/13/99-The deal for this weekend is, Friday, I drive to Corning in the evening, see if I can get around my ban from Corning East girls basketball games, stay at Sam's house, go skiing with Sam Saturday, spend that night at Liz's house, drive to Mansfield while Liz is in church, provide rides to any Mansfield person in need to the Mall Reunion on Sunday, from 12:30-6:00, meet at the base of the escelators. Current guest list includes Dylan, Liz O, Sam, Neil, Tom, Marshall, Nancy, Luke, Rose, Ryan, Liz L, Andy, Jen, Mike, John, Brit, Danny, Joanna, Scott, Emilie, and Bill. The last half-dozen or so, I'm not sure of.
1/12/99-Twas the night before my birthday, and all through the channel, the question went up, "Who's that wearing flannel?" Fine, so I wore that yesterday. The important thing is that tomorrow is my birthday. I made myself a sweet birthday shirt, be sure to check it out on the Webcam. Um, other than that, we're having a large-scale mall reunion on Sunday. (12:30-6:00, we'll see a movie, eat, and hang out in that time. We meet at Center Court, near the base of the escelators. If you're just so late that we can't wait for you, we'll leave a note in the customer service booth, handily placed in about the same spot. Basically SOP.) Current guest list includes, Dylan, Liz O, Sam, Neil, Tom, Danny, Joanna, Scott, Marshall, Nancy, Luke, Rose, Ryan, Liz L, Andy, Jen, Mike, and John. We shall have some fun, baby. One more thing, I've got a page of the past entries from this Updates section of my page. Check it out if you must.
1/10/99-I survived a whole weekend of driving on the terrible Corning roads (Snow plow? We don't need no stinkin snow plow!). So that's where I've been. I put up some new stats for #gifted, by the most excellent mIRCstats program.
1/4/99-The #tmbg people and I had a great time. I showed up for school around 11:30, just in time for lunch. Anyway, Neil is home, but I'm busy today but there are some updates on the QuickCam Pic page.
1/3/99-I spent all day playing with my Legos, so I made a page to display current and future creations. Neil didn't get home from the hospital, but cross your fingers and maybe we'll see him tomorrow. I've got internet friends from #tmbg coming in tomorrow. I also put up a QuickCam Pic page.
1/1/99-I've had a crazy week with trips to Corning on Saturday, Sunday, and one from Thursday to Friday, as well as a Monday to Tuesday trip to Mansfield, and a Wednesday to Thursday trip to Towanda, which included stops in Mansfield on the way up, and an excursion to Horseheads. Also, got to see Neil in the hospital on Thursday, we're thinking he'll be home on Saturday! Yay! Welcome home Neil, whenever you read this.
By Dylan Flipse,